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Verified Reviews for Heavy Duty Cover for Eglu Cube - 1m

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Good - Tim,

Exactly what it said it was, good quality heavy duty cover

Verified Purchase: Jan 2015

Heavy duty cover for eglu cube - Don,

This cover is very well made. but in my opinion it could do with being about 2 inches wider so as to come right to the edge, and also longer by about 9 inches just to protect the chickens food from rain. The elastic bungees are fine but there should be six of them rather than just four.

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Very useful product - Derek,

Does the job; protects the birds from the serious rain and wind so keeping a bit more of the ground dry in the cage. Only problem is that on of the bungee hooks has broken already

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Pretty fab - Marie, Nottinghamshire,

Great heavy duty shade - provides a good deal of protection from sun, wind, rain etc, wish I had got one earlier. My only moan about it is that the metal eyelets in each corner where the bungee anchors attach rusted within a couple of weeks !!!

Verified Purchase: Sep 2014

Very good - Aimee,

I have a omlet cube 2m extension run. The heavy duty cover just covers the first part of the run and also acts as a wind breaker.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

A good strong quality but too narrow. - Lena, Hertfordshire,

I have a cube with the extended run and sadly two covers does not provide enough width to keep my hens dry so have had to patch it with some plastic bags after having spent a small fortune on the covers - grrrrr...

Verified Purchase: Oct 2012

Exellent product - Gerald,

Much better than previous aditions

Verified Purchase: Mar 2012

Good product - Amanda,

Fits over roof and down one side with 4 bungees to secure. Made of a thick plastic material but fairly expensive for size.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2017

Dry Hens = Happy Hens - Nicola,

This cover is great, we have recently filled our hen run with straw and it's keeping it nice and dry. It looks stronger than the cover that comes with the cube so hopefully will last longer. As it covers a side, it keeps the wind out a bit too (good at this time of year). I think the only negative thing is the price. Could be a bit cheaper, but otherwise very happy with it. Thanks Omlet!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2011

Great Quality - Ash,

Bought two of these for my cube run and extension. Really good quality. The material is that similar to articulated lorry trailers. I envisage this will last for years. One slight drawback, due to the increased thickness of this item it catches on the cube roof when you open the roof. Resolved by overlapping it slightly with the other to leave a clearance of about a foot from the roof line.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2014