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Red Mite Pwder - Frances,

Does the business in an easy accessible container.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Efficient product - Cath,

My coop had a dreaded red mite infestation. The hens were suffering too: their combs lost colour. Though I haven't managed to eradicate the mites from the coop, this powder has kept them off my hens. I also sprinkled quite a bit in their dusting area which seemed to help. Their combs are a much brighter red now too. The only drawback is that it has an overpowering perfume. A bit of a 'grandma's talc' smell. But that may not bother others as it did me!

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Really good product - Dee, Herts,

I’ve used this before for cleaning my chicken coop and run. This time I used it to clean my empty greenhouse. I added a few other ingredients to ensure the water marks came off the glass, namely bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, and a few drops of washing up. Filled a big bucket with this mix and water and used a window brush to reach the top windows. Worked really well. Then turned to use smite with water and washed the car. Worked well with no streaks.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2019

Deter Parasites - Wray, Essex,

Good stuff however the puffer didn't work very well, fine dust one minute big clogs the next and I thought I could top it back up after buying a large tub so I could continue using it as a puffer but you cannot get the lid off.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2018

Great product - Sarah,

Have always used diatomaceous earth in the bedding in the coop and sprayed into corners, etc., and to date (fingers crossed) I have not had a problem with mites so it's obviously working! This product is very fine so you need to leave a minute or two before you let the hens back into the house after application so they don't breathe too much of it in, but it gets into all the nooks and crannies of the coop.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2013

lice powder - Raymond,

i sprinckle this in my girls dust bath i built for them they love the bath and the powder helps to keep them clean

Verified Purchase: Jun 2013

Easy to use - Carol,

USed this for the first time at the weekend and it was easy to use. All our kit is new and I haven't noticed any mite's but this solution was easy to use and left a nice clean aroma. It kills many viruses and bacteria so it is a really effective all in one spray.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2014

good - Levallois,

seems to be working, time will tell. Thankyou for excellent service

Verified Purchase: Apr 2012

It worked like a charm - Davis,

The distorted scales are droping off and replaced with nornal ones Thank You

Verified Purchase: Dec 2011

good seems to have worked so far - Susanna,

Good product seems to have worked so far and was easy to put on.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2014

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