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Battles Poultry Cider Vinegar - Essex,

Chickens like this, gradually increased the strength over a few days and they took to it fine.

essential for healthy hens -

I found this product to be exactly has described, thought it was fairly well priced and is essential for the general health of hens.

Good digestive aid -

Good addition to diet to keep the girls healthy.

gt -

gt product

Good -

Used to use an organic apple cider vinigar but switched to this and the chickens still seem to like it. I dont give it all the time though.

Follow up -

Still pleased with this, but having had a few problems with the quality of egg shells more recently, I have been advised by experienced poultry keepers not to use this all the time, but to add it to the drinking water approx 1 week out of four.

My girls love this! -

Originally I was using citricidal in the girls water, however, I bought this, on recommendation from members of my poultry forum, and the girls seem to prefer it. I was advised to buy poultry cider vinegar, rather than the refined version, and to use it all the time, but at a lower dose after the first week or so. I have also added some to the water when cleaning the eglu and it seems to do the job really well. A big thumbs up from us!

cider vinegar -

a good product i tend to put mine in a rabbit bottle as not to waste it the chucks seem to like it cause they keep going back for more but they have a choice now water or cider water

'The girls' seem to love it. -

'The girls' seem to love it.

Poultry Cider Vinegar 1l - An Omleteer,

Excellent product, good price and speedy delivery. The girls are looking great on it! Thanks Omlet