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Herbal wormer -

The wormer is in Tiny pellet form. Looks easily eaten. Unfortunately our hens don’t care for the smell. They shake their heads and walk away. We tried putting them in minimarshmellows. They eat around it. I haven’t been able to hide it in something where they will eat it and not find it. I personally like the smell of the herbs. I think we just have oddball hens. I will be giving some to friends to see if their flocks eat it since mine are picky chickys!

Chickens love these, quick delivery as usual. -

Great -


Natural boost -

Our girls are ex caged hens - so I am having to crush these before use to ensure that they get them - we're feeding crumble to start with as advised by the British Hen Welfare Trust. I like the idea of supporting the girls' digestive system as naturally and as gently as possible between doses of Flubenvet, which I have been advised is essential (especially as they're now enjoying free range living, along with all the wildlife in our semi rural garden)

brill -

My girls loved this product. will be buying it again.

Very pleased -

Very pleased with product and service thank you

All natural ingredients -

As a "new girl" to chicken keeping, I didn't even know that chickens got worms! So, after much reading on the subject, VERM-X came out "top of the class". I love the fact that they are being treated whilst we are enjoying healthy eggs!

chicken digestive systom -

i found it very good for my chickens digestive systom

fantastic!! -

I have been buying verm-x for the last six years. I would like to reasure all those that are not sure If this works. Believe me it does. It's highly effective Against internal parasites and worms. I have got a couple Of sikies who are always picking up slugs and snails, one of which ended up off her legs for a few days, I gave her larger dose of verm-x and she's back to running about. As silkies are more prone to picking nasties,I have For the last few months increased the dose, the chickens are great,and,no more problems, would highly recommend!!! Thankyou verm-x.

so easy to use. -

I have used this product before. It is so easy to use. On the first of the month, then for two more days, I mix it with a little sweetcorn & pasta & my girls lap it up, so I know that they are taking their doses. I have never seen any worms. Coincidence or Verm-X? Who knows...but better safe than sorry & if it keeps my girls healthy, I'll carry on using it!

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