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Verified Reviews for Carefresh Animal Bedding 10L - Confetti

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Very comfortable - Claire,

We bought this bedding to go with our children’s new cage. The bedding is very comfortable and easy to clean up. It doesn’t give off a smell of any kind. We decided we preferred the white so we can identify where our Hamster toilets and what area is wet.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 This reviewer has 1 Syrian Dwarf Hamster pets

Good but Expensive - Jack,

I thought I'd better buy bedding with the omelet qute cage I looked on other pet store websites and it was really expensive . As I was looking up forums it said you should not use pine or ceader wood clippings as this is bad for your hamsters . But I found out in the uk the extract all the badness out of the wood So it is not harmful to your hamster but anywhere else in the way rod the don't .

Verified Purchase: Nov 2014