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Reviews for Lincoln Garlic Powder - 500g

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Good service and product. -

Been using for about a month and it appears to be working and keeping the smells down.

Happy with this product -

This is the first product I have bought from Omlet. I am happy with both the product itself and the service I received.

use it all the time -

I use this all the time i add it to my girls water, it seems to stop the droppings smelling ! , sure it helps my girls feathers looking good.

It's good stuff -

My girls love it and I love that my girls love it. It helps keep them happy and healthy and not smelly.

no smell -

It does as it says on the tin - as we have only just got our girls I can honestly say I have no idea what the droppins smell like - fab product

bit early to tell but so far so good -

having read about the benefits of garlic powder I bought some for my girls. They accepted it immediately so it obviously tastes good to them. Delivery really quick. Havent been using it long enough to notice a massive difference but if the girls like it then its fine by me.

Great -

Great value! Really does go along way! Would defiantly recommend and reorder!

Value for money -

I agree, it would have been good to know how much to give to a chicken as the instructions references for horses. I sprinkled a few teaspoons in with the food and they are eating it. Its going to last a long time so means value for price charged

lack of info -

It would have been helpful to have the amount needed for chickens rather than horses on the pack!

Smells lovely! -

Well, the chickens seem to like it and their poo doesn't smell as bad as I seem to remember it doing. I think the pot will go quite far, we only use a couple of tablespoons a week and it seems to be enough.

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