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Rabbit Run -

A bit fiddly to put together and the fasteners very stiff to snap even if softened in warm water. I was hoping for something I could put up and take down easily as needed and it doesn't. However good quality and solid.

Great product but received wrong parts and some parts missing, and delivery a mess. -

The run is fantastic, and our new rabbits love the extra space. A bit tricky to assemble, but with 2 people didn't take that long. Unfortunately, we were sent the wrong connection kit, and pieces were missing. Customer services were great, but the delivery service terrible - didn't show up twice when expected. After all that, we then had a faulty part, and had to talk to Omlet again. Our run was eventually assembled 2 weeks after the original delivery. So, great product, but really let down by logistics services.

Pleased with it now its up ... very robust! -

We ordered this for our giant rabbit, as normal runs are just not big enough. We needed something tough (I would say fox proof, but also rabbit chew proof!!), and that was high enough for him to stand up on his back legs and enclosed (he was jumping over 2.5ft open fences at 3 months!!) We knew when it was ordered that there would be a delay on delivery which was fine. We had a bit of a faff with the day of delivery (Arrived on 3rd arranged day), but again, all was sorted by the company. My husband took a while to put it up, and said he had a few problems with the instructions. However, it is up now, it is safe, far more robust than anything else I have seen, and is just what we were after to give us the confidence that the rabbit is safe when left in there. It is also quite easy for 2 people to move. Only problem is ... we need to get an extension to it as the rabbit is still growing!!!! Please note though, this would be a perfect size for a NORMAL size rabbit!

A bit fiddly to put together, but not at all difficult. Good when finished -

Really please with this. It took longer to put up that we thought just because it was a bit fiddly, but it was not difficult to do.

My rabbits are very happy! -

So pleased with the walk in rabbit run, my rabbits definitely approve and love bouncing around in it, I have set up the 6 x 9 foot and love that I will be able to make it even bigger for them in future. My husband and I put it up together (quicker to have two people!), once we got started it was easy to do. I have the lower height one, which you can easily crawl in and out of to sit with the rabbits inside. I have put an extra chain and lock around the door opening, no way the rabbits can open it, its more to keep people out! Best run I have ever had and sturdy, our cat likes to relax on the top!. I also got the combi cover which works really well with this size run.

Happy rabbits -

My two rabbits are very happy in their new Omlet run. I wanted a run that could contain the hutch so I can leave them 'free range' as much as possible and don't need to lift them in and out all the time. The Omlet is perfect for this and with the covers they are sheltered from the elements. The construction system is easy to follow once you get the hang of it although I did think the documentation could be clearer. Definitely a two person job to put it up. All in all very happy.

Brilliant! -

I have four rabbits, we live in the countryside on a farm. There are foxes galore here. I decided to buy this run for two of my rabbits as there was a hundred pounds off the price of a run for a month. I decided the other two rabbits would be ok in the better of my present two runs(this is almost new and in good condition). However when I took delivery of my omlet run and realised how superior it was I had to buy another one so they could all have a new run. Very easy to assemble, I can get in and out of it to get the rabbits in the evening and best of all they are safe from foxes and dogs on the ground and buzzards in the sky! I am thrilled with both my new runs and would definitely recommend them to friends.

great item happy rabbits and piggies! -

We purchased the 2x3x2 version for 2 mini lop rabbits and our 4 guinea pigs. We separated the run so the piggies have a smaller area with their eglu connected on the outside of the run and the rabbits have their own eglu and separate space. So far it seems a success, the children are able to get inside the run and sit and play with their pets instead of crawling inside the eglu run. The rabbits have much more space to run around which is the most important thing. Construction was ok although it did take about 4 hours so allow plenty of time and patience!! I would highly recommend this product and have to add that omlet customer service is the best I've ever come across.

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