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Smart Autodoor Control Panel

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Make your existing Autodoor smart and stay connected, wherever you are, by replacing your control panel with our new Wi-Fi enabled smart version.

  • Get open & close notifications on your phone
  • Control & set up all settings in the app
  • Manually open & close the door from your phone
  • Complete peace of mind wherever you are
  • Get the Omlet app for Apple & Android
  • To switch, simply unplug your old control panel.

    Our new control panel has an improved, user friendly interface and a sleek new design. You can still manually change settings on the control panel and it attaches to the coop or run in exactly the same way as before.

    The Smart Autodoor Control Panel comes with a 6ft cable to connect to mains power. Your door can also be run by battery power for up to 3 months.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have connected your Autodoor to the Wi-Fi, we recommend using the mains power supply you received with your door. This way your door will constantly be checking in and you will be able to use the door and the app as intended.

    You can run your door on batteries, but to save power the door will only check in with the Wi-Fi every ten minutes. In between those moments you will not be able to immediately open or close the door. You can click the button to open or close, but the action won’t be performed until the next check in.

    If you connect your Autodoor to a solar panel or any other type of power source, we will not be able to offer any warranty (expressed or implied), support or advice.

    Go to the app store where you normally download new apps and type in Omlet.

    The smart features are designed to be used with a constant, reliable power supply, and we recommend that you use mains to get the best experience.

    All the settings are saved in the control panel, so the door will function just as you want it to. Once the connection is restored, you will be able to continue using the app.

    Yes, you can share access to a door with family and friends, so they can see the status of the door and get notifications. You decide if you want to give full access or just allow the person to check the status of the door.

    This depends on the strength of your Wi-Fi, but it’s advisable to keep the door within at least 65 ft of a Wi-Fi source.

    No, you can control the door and change the settings just using the control panel. If you’re running your door on mains, you can just set it up as normal and program the door on the control panel. However, if you want to use batteries, the firmware will initially need to be updated. To do this, you must:

  • Download the app and connect the control panel to your Wi-Fi
  • Wait for 5-10 minutes for the firmware to update
  • Do a factory reset (check the instruction manual for information on how to do this)
  • Exit discovery mode on the control panel
  • Once that is done you can set up the door and control panel on the coop and program the settings you want. Please contact our Customer Experience team if you have any issues.

    Customer Images

    A close up of the Smart Autodoor control panel.
    A screenshot of the Omlet app for the Smart automatic chicken coop door.
    green eglu cube chicken coop in garden
    smart control panel hung on eglu cube run mesh

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    Smart Autodoor Control Panel

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    Brilliant in every way!
    An Omleteer,
    Upgraded to automatic smart door for chicken coop. Hooked it up to mains and couldn’t be happier. So much piece of mind to look from outdoor cctv and see they are all in early so remotely close ahead of schedule, and have done so from overseas too. Can’t recommend highly enough.
    Review for: Smart Autodoor Control Panel
    This reviewer has 4-6 Varied breeds pets
    Omlet wifi control panel saves lives
    Was out if town when this happened... Omlet's new wifi auto chicken door control panel just saved my chickens!!! On my chicken cam I see a boa snake lurking outside the chicken coop. It can't find a hole w all my expansion foam I sprayed. This was at 1am alerted by my chicki cam motion I immediately told omlet to switch from timed opening to manual. The chickens are safe inside w food and water until we remove the snake from outside Wow!!!! I only had this one week and already saved the life of my chickens. The door would have opened at 5am and the snake is confirmed still outside waiting for them.
    Review for: Smart Autodoor Control Panel
    This reviewer has 4-6 pets
    Smart Autodoor Control Panel Install
    I installed the Smart Autodoor Control Panel on my chicken coop today, it was a simple swap from the old controller. I really like the app, and now I don't need to walk out to the coop to check the door.
    Review for: Smart Autodoor Control Panel
    This reviewer has 10+ Cinnamon Queens pets
    Remote control realized
    Due to predators and with my travels I'm so glad to be able to remotely open/shut and reprogram in the fly. My chickens are much safer. Thank you for providing the wifi remote capabilities. I would suggest adding solar panels and internal lithium batteries so that we can keep the panels always live and not require a nearby power supply for many of us w remote coop locations.
    Review for: Smart Autodoor Control Panel
    This reviewer has 6-8 pets
    Love love love
    Alyssa, Ohio,
    I've had the omlet door for a few years now and it's been great when I'm out in the evenings knowing that the hens are safe without me physically doing it. I just upgraded to the smart door and man! It's awesome! It connects right to. Your phone. No more scrolling through every hour just to set the time or trying to count what time your coop closes in military time. I love that it alerts me when the door opens and closes and especially when it's blocked! So convenient! I highly recommend
    Review for: Smart Autodoor Control Panel
    This reviewer has 10+ Chicken ( Amerucanca pets
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