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Training Your Cat

Cats are intelligent animals yet surprisingly tricky to train. Unlike dogs they don’t see human attention as an adequate reward for their obedience. However, it is possible to train cats and you might even be surprised at what your cat can do if you begin at an early age.

Two cats sitting on a fabric shelf in an outdoor cat run
It's definitely possibly to train your cat - you just need a lot of patience!

To train a cat you must use their favourite foods as a reward, but don’t expect them to pick up tricks anywhere near as quickly as a dog. Cats respond best to short training sessions regularly. It is easy to know when to end a training session as your cat will get bored and wander off. Don’t try and drag your cat back for more training as this will be counter productive.

Training will take a great deal of perseverance but will be worth the reward when you can show off your cat’s cool tricks to any house guests you have.

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