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How To Stop A Cat Hunting

Just like lions, tigers and cheetahs hunting is a natural instinct for your cat and sometimes the only way to stop it is to confine your cat inside. If your cat’s hunting bothers you but you don’t want to keep it inside all the time there are ways to reduce or even stop them hunting.

A cat hunting a mouse outside in the grass
A cat hunting a mouse outside in the grass

If your cat is a prolific hunter then it is even more important that you regularly deworm them. Wild birds and mammals are likely to carry parasites like worms and if your cat becomes infected it is easy for them to be passed on to you.

Dusk And Dawn

Cat’s are most likely to hunt at dusk and dawn so an easy step to take is to keep your cat in for a few hours around these times.


Many cat collars come with a bell to alert other animals to your cat’s presence. If you feel the bells are inadequate just add a few more to the collar. However always remember to make sure your cat’s collar has a safety release clasp.

A cat with a bell on its collar to stop it catching birds
A cat with a bell on its collar to stop it catching birds

Well Fed

A cat that is hungry is more likely to seek out alternative sources of food through hunting. We are not saying you should overfeed your cat but do stick to a routine of regular meals. A full cat will be quite content to snooze the day away.

Well Exercised

Play with your cat and provide him with a stimulating environment. Cat Trees are great for this as they allow natural climbing, scratching and jumping opportunities. When your cat is well exercised they are more likely to prefer a nap to a hunting trip.

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