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Bringing A New Cat Home

Bringing home a new cat is an exciting time for anyone, whether you’re getting a new kitten or choosing a new partner in crime for your current house cat. Read on to find out the best ways of settling in your new cat, how to safety proof your home and what to do with your cat when moving house.

White cat hiding in white indoor cat house next to a desk
It's important to give your cats a safe space in the home, for example with an enclosed cat house

Make Your Cat Feel Welcome

A kitten will need nurturing so that it feels at ease without its mother, and a rescue cat will need reassuring that its new environment is safe and welcoming. To any new cat your house is a very alien environment stuffed full of unfamiliar smells, so the more you can do to make it feel welcome the quicker it will settle in.

A relaxed lazy cat stretched out on the sofa
A relaxed lazy cat stretched out on the sofa

Get The Whole Family Involved

Involve everyone in your house, and have a lot of patience. Your efforts throughout the early stages of your cat’s life will be every bit worth while when you watch it grow into a strong, confident and loving animal.

A cute tabby cat poking its head around the corner
A cute tabby cat poking its head around the corner

A homesick kitten is a heart breaking thought, so use the following sections to help you make sure your new cat has a happy arrival. You can learn about your kitten’s first day home, how to bring up a kitten, feeding your kitten, kitten behaviour advice and new kitten care.

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Angel, 6 March 2019

I really appreciate your suggestion to bring in new cats only when the whole household is around to get the cat used. Mom is planning on getting two teacup Persian kittens for the Sacramento apartment, so I'd suggest she brings them over when the whole family is present to acclimatize these two new family members. Teacups are really tiny and seeing new family members one by one could really get them tense and anxious. It might be good to have these tiny cuties inside an Easter egg case for the Easter reunion at home.