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Cat Health

Watching your healthy cat grow and mature is the best thing a pet owner can experience, but you always need to prepared for the unexpected.

A white ragdoll cat sleeping on a lavender bolster cat bed
Your cat will not be able to tell you how they are feeling, so it's your job to keep an eye on them!

A good cat owner needs to be knowledgeable and well informed when it comes to cat health problems. Owners need to be aware of the routine medical procedures such as vaccinations and neutering as well as signs of illness or injury. An essential part of cat care is keeping an eye on your cat’s overall health so you can take action quickly when you notice something is wrong.

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Andreas, 5 October 2021

In W8 7AJ there is the most stunning communal garden. Dogs are banned as parents with babies picnic in Summer with no dog mess in the grass. Since six years ago I moved overlooking the garden, the last three have been without any birds feeding on the lawn. From the Shrub around the fountain, robins, blackbirds, magpies, fed. Now there are none. We have three cats having cleared the brush from Robin nests and i have seen a cat going up a small tree after the lone squirrel. The cats are beautiful. A white one no bell, metal coloured and a red brown. We are a community of vegans, bon viveurs and etc. But birds, we obviously delicious morsels care. I am going to advertise this garden as open to all the cat lovers here can share the area with all Kensington.