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Angela, 28 September 2016

My 16 week old duck was fine then suddenly couldn't move we've massaged her legs fetches her in the house and put her on a heat mat to see if that helps She is eating drinking and pooping as normal We put her in the bath and she started moving her legs but slowly then when we put her back k down she just squats on her legs and won't move

Becca, 14 July 2016

My Pekin duck is about 3 months old and can not stand on his feet. He falls over and flails as he tries to move around. This duck is one of 6 and lives with 3 geese all of which are fine and seemingly healthy. We are giving this duck added niacin in the water and keeping it separate from the others to insure it is consuming the water. Can you please give us an idea of what is happening, or direct us to a source that can give us an answer. We have looked at several sites and can not find any information on this.

Bonnie, 3 July 2016

I have 5 ducks about 3 month old and today one started to feel sick would not eat or drink and when it walks it stumbles the rest of them are doing greart

Tammie, 13 April 2015

thank you for your helpful information! I received 3 infected hens and I believe they had aspergillosis and I would hate to loose them especially since I bought them to help give my other hen a break from her brothers ( I lost her sister to a hawk) :( We raised them (4 Cayuga's from ducklings).

Patricia, 19 August 2014

I am getting 2 campbell ducks next sunday, I keep parrots never had ducks before, I am reading about all the disease and really worried. For parrots one would chose nest box bedding that is free from dust, but I see that many people use 'shaving' which is dust high, I read many people would not use straw because it can be wet because of the ducks poop, I just still do not know what to purchase. Scary!

Steve, 27 July 2012

Hi, great website and am enjoying paging thru it. However, aspergillosis isn't a death sentence for birds/ducks anymore. Vets are having increasing success by treating it with a combination of terbinafine (for infection of the places with little blood circulation such as the air sacs) and fluconazole (for treatment of tissues with good blood circulation). Worked for my duck who had an advanced case.

Steve, 2 April 2012

Hi, Re the aspergillosis, it is not a death sentence any more for birds. I cured a mallard duck of an acute case of asper by using the latest treatment of 10 mg/kg terbinafine (I ground up terbinafine tablets into a powder) and 10 mg/kg of water-soluble fluconazole. I put these drugs in the duck's drinking water in the evening so it had only that water to drink in the evening and in the morning, before its first meal. Use the fluconazole for about 10 days only but treat with terbinafine for a couple months. Put a splash of cranberry or cherry juice in the water to disguise the bitterness of the terbinafine. The duck has no sign of asper today and is a healthy adult. The flucanozole gets to the tissues that have blood circulation, while the terbinafine treats the air sacs in the lungs and other places that have little tissue with blood in it.

Louise, 25 November 2011

Very helpful and informative in an easy to understand way. Thankyou. Hopefully sorted our male ducks limp out now.

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