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Mike, 12 January 2020

I belong to a Bowling Club in North Wales and wonder what to do with the nicely maintain area surrounding a busy bowling green which is grassed with shrubs and some very large old trees, the whole club is surrounded by older houses with fair sized gardens. The area is located within a small town and is situated just at the base of rolling hills and wooded areas. The club is used on a daily basis during the season from March until November with many visitors seated and watching the games from the surrounding seated areas. Any thoughts or advice on the pros and cons might be helpful. Mike

Michael, 29 November 2019

Two years ago I was pottering about in my garden when I heard quite a loud droning sound which I took to be some kind of distant aircraft approaching but when I looked up, to my amazement it was a swarm of Bees. I quickly went into my house to fetch my phone so I could film them but to my surprise when I returned they were settling on the outside of one of my bird nest boxes. I couldn't believe my luck but didn't think they would stay as the nest box is only about 18 inches tall by 6 inches square. As luck would have it they did stay all through last summer as well as this year. My concern now is that today 29th November as well as a couple of days this week I have seen 20, 30 or more Bees just flying around the entrance hole to the nest box, Is this normal for them to be doing that this time of the year? I would appreciate any advice you could give me on encouraging them to stay. Thank you.

Phillip, 19 July 2019

I want to keep bees, is it a summer thing or all year around

Max, 12 July 2019

Hey all, I have been reading the comments and have noticed that many of you would like to keep bees but are scared to take the plunge yourself. Specifically for this need, I have developed a website which is completely free to use and connects beekeepers and gardeners so they can effectively share a hive. The website is called Host My Hive and has a live map, active communications and private chats, all for linking up gardeners who would like a beehive but are a little scared about bees, and beekeepers who just need the perfect location. Sign up for free and become a host for a hive!

Cerys, 3 June 2019

I live in the countryside and wanted to do my bit for the bees. The only problem im not fussed on bees, I don't kill them or anything but I couldn't touch them. Could I have a hive and just leave the bee's to it with no intervention

Lucianne, 19 May 2019

I’ve been thinking of keeping bees, I have no clue. I have a bee hive the bees have decided to have it in a bird nest. I’m letting them carry on, as it’s at the bottom of the garden , with a woodlands at the back of the garden. Obviously I’m not gonna touch them, but have planted bee friendly seeds . So if I bought a bee hive, would the natural bees inhabit this , and would that be ok ?

Kieron, 10 March 2019

I’m looking for some local bee keepers and how I would get into it have not got a clue . My grandfather kept 16hives in Ireland and I have alwAys fancied it

Tammy, 19 May 2018

Brand new to beekeeper here on the Big Island. Make sure you get a good husband and I seem to have problems getting that thing started..Educate yourself on starting husband I spend to much time tryin to get it going

Tracey, 6 February 2018

I'm a little scared to take the plunge just yet. I will go a visit a fellow allotment holder to see how he looks after his bees. My garden is north west facing, and the back of the garden is a resoviour. I'm a little worried as I have two small dogs and not sure if its ideal to have them around the bees. I've been keen to do this for a few years and have said every Spring this will be the year I make the big jump. FInger's crossed this will be a good year.

Ebeehq, 10 December 2017

If only people were aware how easy it is to keep bees, you need a solid Bee Hive, bee safety equipment and suitable knowledge on beekeeping. Then you're good to go!

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