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Vic, 30 May 2020

HI would like to purchase fertile eggs from a dark cuckoo Maran bantam he n with pedigree

Gill, 11 December 2019

Here in Italy notorious lack of variety of birds or eggs. Looking for silkies, pheasants, peacock and ducks

André, 8 September 2019

I am interessed to buy fertilized eggs of Bankiva chicken also know as Red Junglefowl. Would it be possible to ship them to Portugal?

Alfred, 3 July 2019

I need 20 fertilzed chicken eggs and twenty goose eggs from England. I would like to know if you can determine their sexes. If so make the supply 25 percen male. How much fob Freetown?

Allison, 16 June 2019

I need 4 female hatching eggs could I get them from here?

Helmut, 14 June 2019

How much does a fertilised Egg for a Female Electus Parrot cost?

Omar, 16 April 2019

I’m looking for swan hatching eggs to buy . Or could you help me where I can found theme. Thank you

Omar, 13 April 2019

if you could help with some informations regarding sawn hatching eggs where i can found this. im interesting for buyind white sawn ,and black-necked swan hatching eggs. thank you

Fredi, 4 November 2018

Hi, there I'm in grade 8 at Coast Mountain Academy for a school incubator project me and my friend Serena are looking in to buying twelve fertilized eggs. We live in Squamish and were wondering if you know any places nearby that would sell them to us. We found a place that will sell twelve to us for 100$ but we thought that was pretty expensive. So we're wondering if you know of any cheaper places. Thanks Fredi and Serena

Joel, 13 January 2017

good day... would it be possible to order fertile chicken eggs? I would like to have 3x female and 1x male chicken for me to hatch them. How much it cost to order them 4x eggs from you? Awaits to hear from you. thanks!

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