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Dale, 10 September 2016

Stephen you want to turn the eggs a different time each time you turn them and you have to be gentle the forming blood vessels are very fragile. Ken you want the fat end of the egg up and the pointy end down this will keep the air cell in the right positition in the egg and will prevent drowning of the chick if the air cell is damaged. Lara you will want to turn the eggs they need to be on a different side each time you turn this keeps the embryo from sticking to the inner membrane. Jessica the humidity and temp will vary with different incubators the best place to go and ask questions would be backyard or go to another section of this website a lot of people seem to come here. Samwel. We turn the eggs so the embryo doesn't stick to the inner membrane. Hope this helps everyone

Stephen, 14 August 2016

to what degree do you turn eggs each time thanks

Ken, 20 June 2016

I don't understand pointy end down? The incubator is level, what is down? And what does it mean to "turn the egg about the pointy end".

Lara, 11 May 2016

hi I have just put my eggs in my mini incubator pointy end down. I need to turn them manually. How would you advise I do this ? Should I move them on their side or leave as they are? Confused a little!

Jessica, 5 April 2016

What are the correct temperatures for the incubator temp and humidity and do you need to raise the humidity when it come time for hatching ? Xx

Samwel, 8 March 2016

I real appreciate your help with turning the eggs, but why do we turned it?

Mohan, 25 February 2016

Thank you for the valuable information.

Briannah, 30 August 2015

This site is awesome had helped a lot!

Rylie, 22 April 2015

I found this very helpful for my eggs too thanks!!

Emma, 23 April 2014

Im 12 years old and this information has really helped with my eggs. Im hatching hen eggs for the first time and didn't really know what to do. Got all my information from this site! has really helped! Thank you

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