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How We Use Cookies

Most of the cookies on our website carry out essential tasks. They are required so that you can use all the functions on our website. For example: when you sign in to your Omlet account, our cookies store your details. The cookies that perform this task are categorised as “Strictly Necessary Cookies”.

In order to develop what we do online, we also use non-essential cookies that support our understanding of how the website is used by visitors. We use web analytics tools for this purpose. They are used to determine things like website loading times, how the website is navigated and which products people view most. This information is then used to develop the way our website works. For example, by making it easier for potential customers to find what they are looking for and by pinpointing pages of our website that are not functioning properly. This allows us to repair problems and make our website more enjoyable for all of our users. The cookies that perform this task are categorised as “Analytics Cookies”.

Other Cookies make sure that our website identifies you when you come back to our website. These record the actions you make (such as your native language, locality or username) so we can provide you with an individualised experience. The cookies that perform this task are categorised as “Functional Cookies”.

An additional kind of cookie keeps us updated on the performance of our online advertising, and the places we should put our online advertisements. These cookies update us if a user has been directed from another website such as Google, Facebook, Youtube to the Omlet website. This kind of cookie also ensures that we can get through to potential customers who may be interested in our products. If you have viewed our website you might see our advertisements on other websites as well. This is called behavioral advertising and is used to tailor our advertising to your personal preferences. The cookies that perform this task are categorised as “Targeting Cookies”.

We also integrate the data that we receive from cookies with any information we have of you as a customer of Omlet. For example we integrate the data we receive from cookies with any personal information you tell us, or information from Omlet products, for analysis of product popularity, of how you use the Omlet website or of how our products are used.

Categorizing Cookies

The Cookies we use can be placed into three categories:

  • first party cookies (which we maintain)
  • third-party cookies (which are maintained by third parties)
  • social Media Cookies

First-party cookies

These cookies are maintained by us at Omlet. They are integral for the Omlet website to function. They include our ‘in house’ Web Analytics cookies, which aid in our understanding of how the website is used by customers. This information is then used to improve the website.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are not maintained by Omlet, but by chosen third parties with whom we work with. A selection of third party cookies offer useful tools such as online questionnaires, competitions, newsletter management, whilst others are controlled by chosen advertising agencies to record your browsing choices, so they can put our advertisements in relevant places on the internet. We explain below (in "Modify your cookies on major web browsers "), how to edit your settings so that third parties (including advertisers) are aware that you do not want to be followed whilst browsing.

Social Media Cookies

On some of the pages on our website, you can share our content on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We sometimes embed videos from sites such as Vimeo or Youtube. These sites maintain their own cookies, which we cannot influence. Those social media sites have their own cookie policies, which are listed on their respective websites. We encourage you to review those cookie policies to ensure that you are comfortable with them.

Cookies within the three categories, as listed above, can be further split into two further categories:

  • permanent cookies
  • session cookies

Permanent cookies

Permanent Cookies linger after having closed your webpage. They are able to recognise you when you return to a website so you don’t have to spend excess time typing in login information each time you visit.

Session cookies

Session Cookies delete themselves after having closed your webpage (or if you remain idle for a length of time). Our e-commerce websites use them to make sure you can keep browsing without the inconvenience of losing the items in your shopping basket.

Modify your cookies on major web browsers

The majority of web browsers let you turn off cookies. Be aware that switching off cookies will inhibit your use of the Omlet website.

The links below provide instructions on how to change the cookies settings on popular browsers:

More information about managing cookies is a helpful resource with information about cookies and how to modify them.

Please be aware that we don’t respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signals.