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Give your pet birds the opportunity to splash around with Omlet’s new Geo Bird Bath designed for the Geo Bird Cage!

Bathing is an essential part of plumage maintenance for birds; by dampening the feathers they loosen dust and dirt, making it easier to preen their beautiful feathers.

The Geo bird bath has been custom designed for the angled sides of the Geo Bird Cage. Two hooks secure it in place and it’s super quick and easy to install and remove so you can keep the bath fresh and clean for your pets.

You can keep the bird bath on the inside of the cage at all times, or remove it once the birds have finished their washing routine for the day.

You can also use the container as a practical drinker or feeder, ideal for yummy greens or other larger treats.

The bath comes in a striking blue colour, perfectly matching the central feeder and drinker station of the Geo Bird Cage.

Bird Bath: 184mm x 115mm x 29mm

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Weight: 0.050 kg

Height: 3 cm

Width: 12 cm

Length: 18 cm

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Breathtaking! - Eden,

I absolutely love this cage. My parrotlet is so happy in it and loves the space! I’m going to buy another. A little difficult to put together, but you get the hang of it fast! Also the cage itself is beautiful in every way! Almost mess free!

Beautiful design. - Julie, Staffordshire,

Bought this after mulling over older reviews saying it was too small for a budgie……….took me 8 hours to put together,the trick is to tighten slightly the first row of pieces then put in next row slightly unscrewing to you can get the pieces in. Carry on until complete……but what satisfaction when finished and budgie goes in. Plenty of room to fly.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2021 This reviewer has 1 Budgie pets

I would recommend it to everyone! - Josue, Colorado,

I bought this three days ago, and the shipping was very fast. Excellent price, for the cage, would make the legs oak for a cheaper price. Overall though, excellent value and My birbs enjoy it!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Budgies (Berbs) pets

Love the cage. - Lisa,

Having trouble getting budgies to use central feed/water. Any advice would be much appreciated

This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Perfect in every way! - Bradley, South Carolina,

Like most bird lovers I've always looked for a better cage... This Geo Cage is not only beautiful... it's absolutely designed for functionality and strength. I can't say enough great about it... many thanks to everyone at Omlet for creating this wonderful work of art.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 Fernando & Sophia pets