The Minoumi catnip toys are designed to make both cats and humans happy. Cats love playing with the high quality catnip toys, while their owners love the carefully designed shapes and modern look which fits perfectly into their home interior.

These interactive cat toys are lovingly handmade in Germany and this is reflected in their premium quality and excellent attention to detail, making the products long lasting, stylish and unique. They contain a special catnip mix which combines both dried catnip blossom with catnip leaves.

Cats are crazy about objects that are always moving and for this reason the toy has been designed in a pyramid shape. The pyramid can be both charmed and gripped but also hunted at the same time which ensures a lot of fun for your cat. The Big Pyramid is ideal for fully grown cats but also offers a lot of fun for kittens and small cats.

Minoumi cat toys are made of a water repellent fleece with a 100% cotton fabric. These two layers enclose the filling of extra soft, cuddly fiber fill and catnip and make the Minoumi cat toys extremely durable. They also prevent moisture from getting inside the toy.

The catnip mix consists of dried blossoms and leaves from different types of catnip. Catnip blossoms appear in different colours from white to pink and purple, while the leaves of the catnip plant a light smell of mind and lemon. The leaves, stems and flowers contain actinidine and nepetalactone, which makes the scent irresistible for cats and ensures they'll love playing with their Minoumi toys!

  • Lovingly handmade in Germany
  • Stylish contemporary design
  • Contains both catnip blossom and leaves
  • Ideal shape for interactive play
  • Durable and water repellent exterior
  • Pyramid size 12cm x 12cm x 12cm
  • £13.45 Inc VAT

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    Packed Product Details

    Weight: 0.400 kg

    Height: 12 cm

    Width: 12 cm

    Length: 12 cm

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    Pickles & toy -

    Thank you to everyone at Omlet-- Pickles loves his toy,as do the other cats. The Pyramid is well made & looks as though it will last. It came well packaged, Pickles found the box just as exciting.

    Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

    My cat loves it! -

    My cat loves the big pyramid. From the first time I gave it to her, she immediately started playing with it, rubbing her head on it, rolling around on the floor with it and she even cuddles up to it to sleep. We love it! It´s made out of beautiful, strong fabric, which will last forever. Beautifully made, definitely worth it.

    Verified Purchase: Apr 2016