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Ceva Feliway Diffuser 48ml

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The Feliway Diffuser plug-in is specially designed to create a calming environment in which your cat feels happy, safe and secure, thereby helping to reduce stress and problem behaviours. It works by releasing a synthetic copy of the pheromones cats naturally leave behind when they feel secure by rubbing their head on the objects and surfaces around them. To use simply plug into a socket in an area of your home where your cat frequently spends time and the benefits should become apparent within a week.

Feliway Diffuser can help reduce or prevent problem behaviours such as scratching, spray marking and inter-cat aggression. It can also be used to help comfort cats during challenging or stressful situations such as moving home, adapting to a new pet or baby, fireworks displays or parties and building works.

Proven results in 9 out of 10 cats.

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Ceva Feliway Diffuser 48ml

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