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Stak Refill Pack - Tall

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Ready to recycle and replace?

With this tall refill pack you can replace some or all of the cardboard in your tall Stak scratching post. Simply unscrew the top of the scratcher, remove the worn cardboard, slide on the refill pack and remove the paper wrapper! In minutes your cat will have a fresh scratcher to enjoy. Don’t forget to recycle or compost your old cardboard layers and the paper packaging.

Why do cats like to scratch?

Scratching is a natural instinct for cats and providing them with a hard wearing scratcher is essential to their wellbeing - and protects your sofas. When cats scratch, they:

  • Loosen the outer husk of their nail to reveal a healthier, sharper claw
  • Mark their territory with scent from glands in their paws
  • Stretch their muscles and mind, releasing stress-reducing endorphins
  • It’s important to replace the scratching material regularly to ensure a satisfying scratch. With Stak, you don’t need to throw away and replace the whole scratcher - just recycle the used cardboard layers and replace the base with a refill pack.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Stak Cardboard Scratching Post - Tall (Grey) - 784 x 400 x 400mm
    Stak Cardboard Scratching Post - Tall (Bamboo) - 789 x 400 x 400mm
    Stak Cardboard Scratching Post - Short (Grey) - 534 x 400 x 400mm
    Stak Cardboard Scratching Post - Short (Bamboo) - 539 x 400 x 400mm
    Stak Cardboard Scratcher - Wall Mounted - 504 x 138 x 124mm
    Stak Cardboard Scratching Post - Tall Refill Pack - 780 x 138 x 124mm
    Stak Cardboard Scratching Post - Short and Wall Refill Pack - 520 x 138 x 124mm
    The scratcher is made from corrugated cardboard, and the pole in the middle is made from powder coated steel.
    For the freestanding grey versions, the base is MDF and the top is bamboo.
    For the freestanding bamboo versions, the base and top are bamboo.

    Stak Cardboard Scratching Post - Short/Tall (Grey) - Corrugated Cardboard, Nu Painted MDF Board, Powder Coated Steel, Bamboo Board
    Stak Cardboard Scratching Post - Short/Tall (Bamboo) - Corrugated Cardboard, Powder Coated Steel, Bamboo Board
    Stak Cardboard Scratcher - Wall Mounted - Corrugated Cardboard, Powder Coated Steel
    Stak Cardboard Scratching Post - Refill Packs - Corrugated Cardboard
    There are several reasons. Cats take great pride in sharp nails, and if you don’t provide them with a specific scratcher or scratching post, they are likely to turn to fabric or furniture in the home. Having a tall scratcher also allows your cat to properly stretch out, another natural behaviour that will benefit their health.
    Thanks to the strong pole in the middle of the scratcher, it’s super stable and will not wobble when your cat puts their weight against it. The wall mounted version is just as strong.
    This depends on how many cats you have and how much they scratch. To avoid your cat turning to other places to scratch, we would recommend replacing the cardboard every 3-6 months.
    Yes, you can recycle or compost the cardboard once used.

    For the freestanding versions you will first need to attach the pole to the base with screws. You then slide the cardboard, still in its paper packaging, onto the pole. Remove the paper and push down. Then screw on the top cap and it’s ready to use!

    For the wall mounted version, you screw on the brackets so you can pre-drill holes in the wall and insert the wall plug. Then remove the pole and fasten the brackets. Slide the cardboard onto the pole and attach to the brackets.

    Each product comes with a step-by-step instruction manual, and you can also watch the how to build video.

    For a medium sized cat or larger, we would recommend the taller version so they can stretch their whole bodies. The shorter version works for smaller breeds, or cats who don’t tend to stretch vertically. With the wall mounted version you can of course decide yourself at which height it should be positioned.

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    A cat clawing at the tall stak cat cardboard scratching post.

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    Stak Refill Pack - Tall

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    Scratcher Stack for Cats
    Mary, New Jersey,
    My cats love this tall scratcher! They get the dual benefits to stretch, and scratch to their heart's content. The refills are convenient to order, too.
    Review for: Stak Refill Pack - Tall
    This reviewer has 2-4 Domestic short-hair pets
    Best scratching post!
    Sophie, Berkshire,
    I bought the refill during a sale, ready for when ours need replacing. Our cats all LOVE their Stak scratching post. The only downside (the nature of the material) is the bits of cardboard that come off and spread around, but honestly, any cat lover will see this as a minor point because this is a fantastic and very satisfying (for the cats) scratcher.
    Review for: Stak Refill Pack - Tall
    This reviewer has 4-6 Various pets
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