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Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Wheel Set

by Omlet

Make your Eglu Go UP easy to move! This set of wheels can be added to your existing Eglu Go UP Chicken House and Frame to allow easy maneuverability around the garden. Using the push-down foot pedals, you will be able to lift the house and run off the ground and wheel it to a different position in the garden. Easy for one person to manage alone, these wheels will make moving your Eglu a breeze.

Suitable for use with the Eglu Go UP on Frame, with or without a run.

Set includes two wheels and wheel arms. (One for the left side and one for the right side.)

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 5.272 kg

Height: 12 cm

Width: 30 cm

Length: 90 cm

Latest Product Reviews For Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Wheel Set

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Wheely good! - Debbie, Cambs,

The wheels have made such a difference to our Eagle Go. It is so easy to move now. The chickens trot along inside the run as I move it to a fresh area of grass. Highly recommended!

This reviewer has 2-4 Welsomer pets

Brilliant design - Jess, Cambs,

Although a bit fiddly to get into place when installing, these are excellent. They make life much simpler.

This reviewer has 2-4 Rescue pets

Great - An Omleteer, Cambs,

Robust design easy to fit

This reviewer has 2-4 Rescue chooks pets

Great Addition to my New-Old Coop - Stephanie, Cambs,

I was lucky enough to find a Omlet Go coop for a steal, but my ladies weren’t too excited about it. Their other two coops are on stands and I think it just didn’t feel safe with it sitting on the ground. Since I got the coop for next to nothing I decided to splurge on a stand and wheels. I was honestly surprised how well the stand and wheels worked with the 7 year old coop. I thought there might be some issue with it not fitting, but no. It worked perfectly! Now I’m able to wheel the coop out of the indoor greenhouse run to pressure wash and to cool down on warmer days when the greenhouse is just too warm. The hens immediately started laying eggs in it and have even slept in it a few times. Great quality and easy installation, as usual. Omlet does not disappoint!

This reviewer has 10+ Buff Orpington, East pets

Just Great - Joyce, Cambs,

We like our coop very much and the wheels are a big help. We had a fox attack but the run kept our girls safe. We collected our 3rd. egg this morning.

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