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A brush for all your cleaning needs! With stiff polypropylene bristles it is tough enough for the muddiest boots, the dirtiest buckets and the messiest eglus. Perfect for when the hose pipe alone won't cut it!

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Weight: 0.160 kg

Height: 7 cm

Width: 8 cm

Length: 26 cm

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Bucket Brush - Berks,

Seems to be good quality. I wanted a softer brush, for roost bars, so as not to scratch of scuff the plastic, but will use this one for other cleaning.

Well worth having -

Far better than the old washing up brush etc I have used up til now.

Brilliant Bucket Brush! -

It is strong and sturdy yet easy to handle. EXCELLENT BRUSH!

Excellent! -

This brush is really good and makes cleaning the chickens out so much easier. Even the must stubborn stains is gradually, if not immediately away. Practical and robust feeling.

Great Brush. -

This does the job well.