Organic Layers Pellets are ideal for laying hens, keeping them healthy, happy and laying regularly. It will ensure they have all the nutrients they need to lay delicious eggs every day, and it is completely natural. You won't find any GM ingredients, synthetic amino acids, artificial yolk colourants, ureal, artificial flavourings or solvent extracted ingredients - so you can be sure that you are giving your hens the best!

This bag weighs 20kg and should last around 10 weeks for two chickens.

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Weight: 20.000 kg

Height: 48 cm

Width: 48 cm

Length: 40 cm

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It is as sold -

Appears to be a good quality product. The chicken look to be healthy.

Excellent product -

I’ve been giving this to 3 extremely unwell ex battery hens and they are showing great improvement

Top Quality -

The Marriage's Organic layers pellets are great value and top quality. Our hens love it.

Good Feed -

Very good feed, well packaged. Our hens and ducks love it.

Amazing food for chics - Hertfordshire,

This chicken feed is absolutely amazing. My chickens were laying hardly one egg a week are now laying beautiful big eggs with rich yolk daily. I am definitely sticking to this for a long time. Worth every penny.