Chickens don't have any teeth, so in order to extract maximum goodness from the food they eat they need grit. The Mixed Grit we supply is ideal for hens as it is just the right size and contains soluble calcium. It can be added to chickens' regular feed once a week, or you can put some down in a grit station like this one.

This heavy duty grit station has been designed to provide easy access to the grit for a wide range of poultry. Simply fill it up and leave on the ground for them to peck at.

Measures 27cm wide by 27cm high.

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Weight: 0.480 kg

Height: 28 cm

Width: 29 cm

Length: 29 cm

Brand: BEC (6 Products)

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The best feeder I’ve ever had -

This feeder is the best feeder I’ve ever had. It’s robust, easy to clean and if you give the lid a bit of a downwards thump, it clicks into place and will not blow off, even in high wind. I use this feeder for pellets, which always stay dry, plus there seems to be less bullying, due to the design which allows hens to put their heads inside the feeder, but more difficult to peck the neighbours. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone.

Great product -

Amazing product ,love it as it has 3 sections for food and 4 places for my 3 girls to eat from where before there was only 2 head holes on the omlet one .

Excellent girls love it, but do kick the roof off! -

Works but ... -

My girls knock the lid off regularly as it only sits on and as I have ex batts and they aren't small girls, they find it difficult to get to the grit as it sits low on the ground. I think this would be a lot better if it sat inside a stand which raises it off the ground and if the top could be fastened down.

Great Product -

Great price, sturdy plastic. Put the grit inside and the chickens will take the grit and oyster shell when they require it. The cap keeps the rain out too.