The Anti-Mite and Lice Bundle is ideal for freshening up your chicken coop and giving your hens a summer health boost. The bundle includes a pack of Omlet Anti-Mite & Lice Coop-Pourri which contains a specially selected range of herbs and flowers. These not only promote a healthy and pleasant environment for your hens but also help to keep mites and lice away from the coop thanks to natural repellents such as lavender, peppermint, oregano and coriander.

Simply sprinkle the Coop-Pourri throughout the chicken coop including the bedding and nesting areas. It works especially well when mixed with Carefresh Animal Bedding which lasts up to three times longer than traditional bedding and is included in the bundle. The combination of Omlet Coop-Pourri and Carefresh bedding will give your chicken coop a welcome burst of summer freshness.

Garlic has a wide range of beneficial properties and can neutralize poultry droppings. Mix a tablespoon of Lincoln Garlic Powder into your chickens' feeder to help keep your chickens in tip-top condition.

Natures Grub Organic Cider Vinegar is a 100% natural supplement for poultry that aids digestion and improves the general health and well being of your flock. It is certified organic and makes a great addition to your chickens diet. Simply add 20ml to each litre of drinking water.

Anti Mite & Lice Summer Bundle contains: Omlet Anti-Mite & Lice Coop-Pourri 110g, Carefresh Forest Green Animal Bedding 14L, Lincoln Garlic Powder 500g, Natures Grub Organic Cider Vinegar 1L

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