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Ultimate Cleaning Gloves Blue Large

by True Blues

This really is the only pair of gloves you will ever need for cleaning. Forget your old latex rubber gloves that are uncomfortable, tricky to put on and quick to wear out; these ultimate household gloves are cotton lined for comfort, latex free and extremely durable. Made from vinyl they will not fade or crack, and they are resistant to both hot water and household cleaners. The textured surface allows for good grip, and, the best bit.....they are machine washable! Not only are they perfect for your washing up, but we think they would be brilliant for wearing whilst cleaning your eglu.

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Packed Product Details

Weight: 0.180 kg

Height: 4 cm

Width: 11 cm

Length: 16 cm

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Great Gloves - Christopher, S Yorks,

good robust gloves, easy to get on and off and don't leave your hands smelling like an inner tube

Comfy & last - Wendy, S Yorks,

Good size, hands don't feel too restricted, nice lining, easy to wash, pink would be nice too

Excellent value - well worth it - Chubby, S Yorks,

The Omlet gloves are excellent. Sturdy but not too chunky, comfortable to wear and just perfect for those chicken house cleaning activities (Also good for car cleaning)

Great for cleaning out the chickens - Rose, S Yorks,

Really thick so you can use very hot water and solidly made.

Perfect gloves for cleaning - George, S Yorks,

I used to hate doing dishes or cleaning, because using bare hands my hands would get really dry and cracked. These gloves solved that problem. They're thick enough to protect your hands from scalding hot water, but thin enough to still handle dishes without any problem. And when you pull your hands out after cleaning, they're as dry and comfortable as they were when you put them in. Definitely worth it.

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