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Syn-Vital Bokashi - 2kg Value Pack

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Keep your chickens' digestive systems nice and healthy with this Bokashi. Syn-Vital is a live, probiotic yeast culture especially developed for animal nutrition. It is made from Bran that has been inoculated with naturally active EM Effective micro-organisms and allowed to ferment to produce a sweet smelling, moist mix. Rich in B vitamins and other bio-active metabolites, it can added to your hens' daily feed at a rate of 3%. The friendly microbes will keep their tummies healthy and their natural defences will get a boost.

Syn-Vital was developed according to animal feed regulations and is registered within the EU.

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Syn-Vital Bokashi - 2kg Value Pack

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Great additive to your regular chicken food!
This is a really good additive to your chickens regular diet, I try to ensure that my girls have as much support for their health in the Winter period. By adding this to their feed helps with digestive health and their immune system!
Review for: Syn-Vital Bokashi - 2kg Value Pack
Great for Bokashi system
I am just finishing my 3rd pack of this stuff. I use it for my kitchen waste and it really works well. I have recommended it to others who are also into this great way of decomposing your kitchen waste safely. I highly recommend it, shame its not cheaper and what has happened to the delivery charges - sorry had to deduct 1 star for that?
Review for: Syn-Vital Bokashi - 2kg Value Pack
Great for horses too
I feed this to one of my horses on the vet's recommendation. The horse suffered from hind gut acidosis and is subsequently easily upset by grass. Feeding Syn-vital daily keeps him on an even keel and allows him to have a normal life grazing all year round.
Review for: Syn-Vital Bokashi - 2kg Value Pack
Stops the poo smell so makes chicken keeping more pleasant. Buy it
Review for: Syn-Vital Bokashi - 2kg Value Pack
Difficult to know exactly what this stuff is doing but it makes the hen shed smell really nice and a bit like a brewery - which has to be good - and I imagine the manure is rotting down more quickly. The hens are healthy so all in all I like it.
Review for: Syn-Vital Bokashi - 2kg Value Pack
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