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Love it! - Sharon,

Very pleased with our BeeHaus. Easy to put together, good instructions. Looks cool! Will get bees to put in it soon...

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Nice design - Mark,

OK let's be fair, this isn't the cheapest way to keep bees, however it is a great looking design, quite practical and simple. I do like the flexibility of being able to keep 2 colonies in the one hive, or expanding into one large colony. The assembly was nice and easy, although the frames were a pain to do because the wax sheets were about 1/8" too large! All in all I'm looking forward to seeing how the bees enjoy it...

Verified Purchase: May 2011

Nice - Khalid,


Verified Purchase: Oct 2010

The jury is still out! - Pitt,

hive was straightforward to assemble - good design!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2013

Good product easy to build - Matt,

Good product easy to build, the only issue I had was the rather time consuming job of converting the bee's over to the larger frames. The hive has been put onto the top of the garage and due to its design it is easy to fix down. Roll on next year then it will be Honey Time!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2015

Easy to put together, looks great, my bees love it - Sue,

Given our wet, cold winters the Beehaus has one definite advantage over wooden bee hives - it's well and truly waterproof, and it's well insulated. I also love the space to expand, so much easier than controlling a swarm!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2011

Very good with excellent features - Jim,

I bought the Beehaus a year ago and have had a colony in it since September 09. All the teething problems that I experienced were dealt with by Omlet, both in response to my requests and from their own discoveries, such as the side strengtheners for the inspection board, the replacements for the foam corner fillers and the addition of the mesh-floor strut. This was my first experience of keeping bees and therefore I was in no way prejudiced by experience with other hives, though I of course had looked at them. The Beehaus is very well designed and took my colony happily through that very severe winter. I think the brood box is a great size for building a big colony, the wasp guard works excellently, the working height is ideal and the half-weight supers are easy to manage. Being able to place them securely on the upturned roof is a very positive feature. It does take a little while to acclimatise to the queen excluders, the propolis on which I now scrape on a flat stone beneath the hive. I think that there is a bit of a problem in the centre divider arrangement, as bees find their way through to the other side (and die); I have solved this with duct tape and some pan-scrub as a filler, for there is a gap between the board and the hive wall, but it's a bit of a bodge! I also find that I need to check very carefully that the supers are properly in place; it's easy to allow a wasp entry gap by accident. Everything else is fine; it's woodpecker and mouse proof and you can secure it against winter storms by placing weights over the feet. We have enjoyed our first honey crop and I am now feeding up for winter. Thanks to all the staff at Omlet and to their Bolton bee supplier, who was very supportive indeed.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2011

OK, but not great - Helen,

Really dissapointed with the quality of the dummy board & wax foundation supplied. Only 10 frames of brood & Super supplied, so not enough to fill even one side of the hive. Called to order extra frames, not available & no idea when they will be. Overpriced.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2011

Excellent - Ian,

Very clean, easy to use hive, and some of the calmest bees I've ever come across. Very very good.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2011

Excellent product - Martin,

Excellent product

Verified Purchase: Oct 2005

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