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Bird cage stand - New York,

The stand is lovely. Made of a nice, secure wood that works perfectly with cage.

Bird cage is great! - New York,

The bird cage was a challenge to put together but now that it is done I think it is an excellent product. The food and all other debris stays in the cage. It is very easy to clean and my bird just loves all the room he now has.

- Minnesota,

I have a handicapped small parakeet (he cannot fly), and this cage works great for him. I allow him out of the cage several hours every day, but sometimes he climbs back in it on his own; this suggests to me that he likes it, and feels safe in it. It was a bit of a challenge to assemble, but well worth the trouble!

Bird the Rescue Canary Loves his Geo! -

When we first discovered bird in a tiny cage atop a soda machine in the back of a dollar store, no windows in sight, he did not even know he could fly. His cage was so small, he would hold onto the crippling plastic perch with one foot and flap a wing, then switch and flap the other. After we persuaded the shop owner to let us adopt him, we went through a series of cages before discovering the Geo. He loves it! Plenty of room to dash about, flutter and play with toys as there are lots of places from which to hang them. Bird is thrilled, and so are we, with the design, roominess and ease of maintenance (never has a bird cage been so easy to clean)! Thrilled with the stand as well. Sturdy enough to withstand bumps by our dogs and lots of room around it so no bulk like traditional cages. Thank you, Omlet! We love everything!

Brilliant Cage! -

Really good cage. The feeder is great because it catches all the husks and that means the husks don't get spread around. Looks nice and smart. Really recommend!


cage is fantastic lenny loves his new home. Love the fact that water and feeder are in the middle. Nothing negative to say

Double use! -

I must admit I keep this in the budgies cage all the time. I normally use it as a fresh food platform feeding station. I fill it up with tepid water when I clean them out twice a week in the hope that they will have a bath, to no avail I have two dirty little urchins that do not like the water! However, in my mind this is ideal for either use.

Look out tower! -

Quality stand made of nice bamboo wood! The tall stand is lovely, it is like a look out tower for the birds! They only thing I would say is that it would have been nice to have lockable wheels on it to be able to move the cage about easier instead of lifting it.

Palatial Pad -

What a feast for the eyes! Not your ordinary run of the mill bird's cage, an architectural delight. On saying that it is extremely fit for purpose as it caters for the smaller birds brilliantly.

Excellent product - Middlesex,

I assembled the cage with my 6 and 9 year old boys, which they enjoyed - we watched the "how to assemble video" on the web and followed the plans within the assembly manual. They assembled about two thirds of the cage, with me checking instructions and doing a little. I also purchased the tall stand and most of the optional accessories, which were also fitted. My 6 year old built the stand, which is nice and solid. I was a little worried of how well the two budgies would take to the new cage. To my surprise they were suddenly much more active and social. They do fly short distances within the cage and seem very content. I had seen all the debate around people not liking round cages, but this is a big cage and the birds have definitely taken to it. They like flying around the room and returning to the sides of the cage, eventually returning within. The feeder and drinks are well thought out, remaining clean. The doors are securely closed and can't be tampered by the birds intent on playing. The dirt stays within the cage, which is a pleasant change from the traditional cages with their "debris splatter zone". Despite the round design, the bars are a standard width and can easily accommodate the usual 3rd party perches, toys, food treats, etc. I like the night cover for the cage, which helps prevent late night activities from impacting the birds too much. The bath and mirror seems to be their current favourite spot to hang out. Not so much playing with the mirror, but just resting around and within the dry bath. Overall the birds are happy, they are definitely more active and are enjoying the environment. The fact that the perches swing adds a little more dynamic to the birds, who seem to like this. There is ample room within the cage for the birds to hang out together or take time to themselves. The cage also looks very good and is easy to clean.

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