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This beautiful bamboo tripod is a sight to behold and admire, (very well made), when your cage is mounted to it...given it a "majestic appearance", like its' suspended in space. You can take the tripod in your travels whenever you're on vacation. Very worthy addition!

Stylish and functional -

Great cage, very roomy, and looks good. Easy to refill food and water. A little tricky to empty the central tray that collects the husks, does need the top of the cage to be removed. I don't see any way around it, but waste does spill out of the hole in the tray liner as you are getting it out to clean Overall nice cage for me and the bird

Designed for maximum comfort and space -

Most Avians will not readily accept a cage for immediate exploration and will feel frightened and will crouch in the corner of a square shaped cage. The GEODESIC SHAPE CAGE has no square corners for your Avian to hide from, making your Avian feel free to wander without fear of being trapped. Avians will love the openness and space to explore!

Night time -

Good quality fabric which makes it drape well over the cage. My budgies know it's time for sleep when I put the cover on though sometimes they continue chattering away. I've personalised mine with their names and some feather decoration. Adds the finishing touch to a stylish cage and stand.

A bird's bit of heaven -

No other bird cage I've had comes close to the brilliant engineering of this remarkable mansion for my parakeet. He's got plenty of room to jet around inside, and perhaps even better yet, he loves scaling it from the outside looking in - to the top to enjoy the view from above. Plus, the cage itself is attractive. Not something to hide away in a corner! As an added plus, the feeder takes away all of the headache and the mess of castaway seed hulls. Well done, Omlet - you've made me and my perky parakeet happy-happy-happy!

Beautifully designed bath -

The unique design of the bath is very functional and spacious giving the extra space your avian can move and maneuver at will, without fear of falling out while splashing about to its maximum delight. It blends in with the design of the cage without looking like an "add-on" accessory! Your avian will appreciate your thoughtfulness!


So beautiful! Easy assembly & clean up, perfectly engineered!

The AD and images says it all! -

The video images says it all! Action speaks louder then words and no vocalization is necessary to view assembly instructions....simple and to the point!

We've found our forever cage... -

Our 2, four year old male budgies have a new lease of life in this stylish abode! This cage has brought out behaviours in our budgies that we've never seen before. Our boys have never been 'floor' birds but their new morning and evening routine is to dance and prance around at the bottom of the cage, kicking up sand as they go! We wondered how long it would it take for the budgies to crack the feeder but we needn't have worried- they got in it under a day and, yes, the feeder does what it says on the tin, it catches all the husks! As for assembling the cage, we were a bit cautious at first but we took our time and followed the helpful YouTube assembly video and we soon got into the swing of things! Easy when you know how! After the cage, the stand was a piece of cake and the two together would look stylish and modern in any room! Even the packaging was a pleasure! The cover is just adorable, what can more you say? We're so pleased because our budgie boys are so happy!

Love the design and the birdies love it too - Connecticut,

Just rehoused my two budgies in their new omlet home. The assembly wasnt as complicated as I first thought. Its a genius design the best cage so far in all aspects. Thank you!

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