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Your product makes "LUCKY BIRDS" -

I never thought that everything would go so well. The geo cage is not only beautiful and practically. The cage integrates wonderfully into the house. Our 2 little birds feel well and comfortable. We all are happy. Thanks so much to England....and all the best for your future.

Great a real beauty -

Great cage, is exactly as stated. Everyone comments. Bear in mind it comes in flat pack. Defo worth the dosh. Just needs a bird bath that will fit it perfectly now

Dont let the shape fool you -

This cage is bigger than it looks in images. My birds have no problems climbing the bars, there is no issue with narrowing bars that can trap feet and my birds love it. The birds did need a few days to get used to the feeder so provide additional sources to start with. I only gave it 4 stars because of the dowling but it pops off easy enough and I used a Dremel to replace it with java.

Espectacular Geo Bird Cage para canarios!!! -

Cuando vi las imágenes en vuestra página webb me encantó la Geo Bird Cage, y una vez montada es espectacular!!! He de decir que montarla es divertido, y me hizo recordar mi niñez, jugando con piezas y construyendo coches, casas.... Mi parejita de canarios estan encantados en su nuevo hogar. Muchas gracias por diseñar objetos útiles y bellos.

Excellent -

Eventually got there with building the cage - lots of parts. Outstanding cage. Great design.

LOVE THIS CAGE!!!!! - Devon,

I have not got my intended budgie yet but purchased the cage ready for its arrival in a couple of weeks. Found cage construction challenging at first getting the circle correct but ok once I found the video. I could also have done with some verbal/written tips to reassure my efforts. I love the size of the cage and it looks fabulous now it is completed. With its high stand it matches my modern room beautifully. I am hoping it will be easy to clean and am sure the budgie will love it. Only other comment at present is I would have liked to have white or cream bars to match the base.

Fantastic!! -

If I could give this cage 20 stars I would. I’ve tried and tested every imaginable cage on the market for my budgies, always leaving me less than satisfied with the amount of cleaning each on required. Small or large, the cleaning would always be so time consuming. Then came my Omlet purchase, shipped to me so quickly to the USA. I literally can not contain my joy. The clips that secure the cage to the base are so simple that you just unclip and move the cage away while you clean the base - in a matter of less than a minute. Each piece is designed for easy removal and replacement and the whole thing was cleaned in a matter of seconds. My birds are so happy with the space to fly about, the stand is gorgeous and allows them more height on the counter than usual - the whole cage is just a genius in design. The night cover is amazing quality also, and the night sky design underneath is such a nice touch. Thank you so much!!

Beautiful and practical cage -

I have a large English budgie and most cages are a little too small for him, so this cage is just perfect. There’s enough room inside for multiple perches, his swing and toys and the geometric shape means that he can climb all over the outside with ease (and he loves it). The only downside is that, because of his size, the feeding station isn’t 100% suitable for him - though he gave it a go - but there’s plenty of space for his normal food and water dishes. I imagine for smaller birds it would be no problem. The cage is easy to assemble and the cover is great as it fits perfectly and is made of a substantial material. Would highly recommend!

geo 60 bird cage with full height stand cream and black -

We are so delighted with our cage and stand it is the best cage we have ever seen our budgie loves it. I would recommend it to anyone that has budgies. It is also modern but with the birds welfare well thought out. We have just ordered the night cover.

Geo Bird Cage | Stylish Yet Functional Bird Cage -

The multi-sided Geo bird cage, compared to our budgie’s previous rectangular cage, had extra room for him to flit about (we didn’t have the biggest cage on the market as we are advocates of allowing our budgie to live freely in our home rather than being caged for the majority of the time). We found that with thoughtful placement of toys and in a corner of a room we were able to create little hiding spots for him if he wanted peace. Not that he's one for hiding! One thing I really liked about the cage was the combination feeder where husks were easily collected underneath in a hopper. This meant the husks didn't sit on top of the fresh food making it easy for him to find his favourite seeds. It also made cleaning a little easier for us and reduced the amount of seed wasted. Our cage set up came with a tall tripod stand that was super sturdy and also gave it a stylish feel for the house. The purpose-made night cover fitted perfectly keeping any draughts out. On the inside of the cover was printed glowing stars which was a thoughtful touch. Assembly was fairly easy and could be done by one person but myself, my husband and our budgie all helped out as a team effort. Ideally it would be great to have an accessory platform to pop on the door frame for birds to land on allowing them to enter and exit the cage easily. As our budgie lives out freely all day, apart from bedtime and if we pop out, he's in and out of his cage all the time. It has to be said our budgie was a fan of the swinging perches and the challenge of climbing round the many sides of the cage both inside and out.

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