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Boughton chicken coup -

I was very pleased with the delivery and the coop. Looks lovely in the garden. I (lazily) got someone to build it, but it was easy. I'm using it for some chicks I've hatched and have them separately on the lawn. I'll then move it so they can start to get used to the big hens, before eventually integrating. After that I shall just keep it for occasional isolation or brooding. Just three points to make: 1. It was not treated timber (as stated somewhere on the site.) Not sure why they don't use treated timber. 2. I fixed some chicken wire underneath it to prevent foxes being able to burrow in. It would seem sensible if they sold it with the chicken wire already there - as surely everyone is going to have the same problem. That also means that you can move it with chickens in - otherwise you'd have to take them out each time. 3. I thought foxes might be able to move the end door clips as they are loose, so I bought bolts which I think are more secure.

Great coop -

Assembly was easy enough, but we definitely need 2 people - and there were a couple of bits we found tricky, though we overcame! I would have liked an option for the wood to have been pre-treated/stained to save us time, but that wasn't possible. We now have 5 happy bluebell chicks in residence, though they're not big enough yet to walk up and down the stairs! Another photo coming when they're a bit bigger...

Boughton Coop -

We are new to bantam keeping and are absolutely delighted with the Boughton Ark which we bought after much research. It is easy to dismantle, clean and manoeuvre and also looks good.

Fantastic -

Hens introduced to new 5 star accommodation in midst of snow storm. We are all very excited - hens a little more reserved!!

Well made coop -

Good, solidly made coop is providing dry accommodation despite wet weather. It's a great advantage to have the food covered during the bad weather.

Just one thing - Glos,

As the information on the website talks about treated timber, I only suspected that the hen house might need waterproofing. My suspicion came from reading reviews and when I phoned to check, after ordering, I was told that waterproofing is 'recommended'. This should be mentioned not only on the website but also on the instructions - which could do with a couple more amendments, for clarity. Otherwise, it's a very pretty and useful little coop - I call it my 'chicken tractor' as I can move the birds about to work on an area that needs cleaning and fertilising. Would be nice to have an easy and quick small extension area.

garden chickens again -

Had omlet eglu years ago and had to sell it. Made space forr chickens again and decided on a traditional ark - love it Omlet. Easy to erect and maintain - I decided to paint ours in heritage paints so cream and white. Simple to clean and no need to bend double like the eglu classic. Only down side up to now is the feed containers will probably buy glug and grub and stand sometime. Shame omlet dont provide chicken keeping info like with their own products. Glad the forsham name continues.

An Outstanding Investment - Lincolnshire,

We bought this coop some six weeks ago as a replacement for one that was beginning to deteriorate substantially. We have been very pleased with my investment, The unit is substantially built for the purchase price and it was relatively easy to construct as a 'one-man' project. We have been keeping chickens for some thirty years and the design of this coops design is, for a number of reasons, the best we have used for a number of reasons. Its ergonomic design allows us to reach all parts of the interior easily; it is easy to clean out and relatively easy to move about. Design wise the unit has been admired by our visitors ans it looks good, not imposing itself as a difficult feature in our garden.We feel confident in recommending this coop to anyone interested in keeping a small number of chickens. Hopefully, our small flock will concur with this when they have mastered the art of writing!

As described by seller. -

The Boughton chicken coop is a delight to use by both poultry and human. Chickens continued to lay when transfered to the coop so they are obviously happy. Easy to keep clean and move around the garden. A good purchase delivered promptly.

Handsome coop -

I researched coops for a while before deciding on this one and the consensus seemed to be that cheap doesn't last, so I went for it. I am glad that I did. It looks good in the garden, is easy to use and access and move about and my husband and 12 yr old son put it together in a couple of hours. We weather-proofed it first and it looks great. Got the girls on Monday and had our first egg on Wednesday. Happy chickens! Omlet customer service excellent. Thanks!

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