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Great brush. - Naomi, Derbyshire,

Cleans the house. Robust. 2

This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Best brush I have had - Maria, Derbyshire,

My old bucket brush was worn out and saw this one and it is great, gets all the dirt off my buckets 2

This reviewer has 6-8 Hybrid pets

Bucket Brush - Gilly, Derbyshire,

Seems to be good quality. I wanted a softer brush, for roost bars, so as not to scratch of scuff the plastic, but will use this one for other cleaning. 2

Well worth having - Sue, Derbyshire,

Far better than the old washing up brush etc I have used up til now. 2

Brilliant Bucket Brush! - Carin, Derbyshire,

It is strong and sturdy yet easy to handle. EXCELLENT BRUSH! 2

Excellent! - Paul, Derbyshire,

This brush is really good and makes cleaning the chickens out so much easier. Even the must stubborn stains is gradually, if not immediately away. Practical and robust feeling. 2

Great Brush. - Julia, Derbyshire,

This does the job well. 2

Brilliant - Elora, Derbyshire,

Used this to give my wooden coop a much needed scrub down, and I must say I am very impressed as it managed to easily scrape of 6 months worth of grime on the floors and the roosting bars with little effort on my part. I also used it to brush the coop roof as its my chickens favourite place to sit and get messy :/ really good brush! 2

Great Brush - Marion, Derbyshire,

brilliant little brush can do lots of different jobs, great for scrubbing out the cube and for cleaning out poop trays.... 2

Worth every penny! - Lesley, Derbyshire,

I use this with the disinfectant to scrub the eglu - it's particularly good on the roosting bars. 2

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