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Yellow Coop and Run - Shay,

We love the look of our coop and run and our girls seem to enjoy calling it home.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2011

Lovely! - Kim,

Fun, easy to clean, looks great in the garden, Chickens love it.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

excellent - Katie,

We absolutely love the ease of the eglu - makes raising chickens very easy for this family. We have 3 boys and the "dixie chicks" have fit in very nicely. Thank you.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

Red Eglu go package - Lynsay,

Fabulously easy to maintain. Delivery was great, chickens are lovely. I'd recommend the Eglu go package to anyone.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2011

excellent - Corinne,

Have been thinking about getting chickens for ages, and finally took the plunge - and the package from Omlet made it so simple. The man who came got the frame together very efficiently, showed me by direct demonstration how to clip the wings, and that was that! The hen house is lovely and clean, sturdy and secure - the run is also sturdy and we have had no fox problems at all. Still not sure why there is a recommendation to put them on bark chippings - ours are on soil in the veg garden and seem very happy - though they can dig some pretty deep holes. The chickens are so friendly - much more fun for our children than the guinea pigs(!) - and we got eggs only 2 weeks after getting them - and have had 2 a day ever since.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2011

great product! so easy to clean. safe and secure! - Kathryn,

the only bad thing i have to say is the assembly - had trouble with the run brackets/shoulder bolts. screws just did not hold the shoulder bolts in place on top on both sides. however this did not really affect the overall run. and as i am not moving it around the garden have no further concerns with it. other than that am very pleased with the eglu go. easy to clean and my hens have settled in well. helpful to have choice of door on side too. many thanks!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2014

brilliant !!! - Hilliard,

We bought the Eglu go as part of the complete package with two beautiful chickens; miss pepperpot and a gingernut ranger. The Eglu go is so easy to keep clean, collect the eggs (which we got only after two weeks of having them!)and its a perfect size for two chickens. Its stylish and the run is a perfect size too. Its very reasuring that its totally fox proof as we have quite a few where we live. The gentleman who delivered it and set it all up for us was brilliant and answered any questions i had. As we are first time chicken keepers i had quite a few! He showed us how to clip the wings and i did it myself too! Its also very reasuring that I can always ring omlet with any questions that i may have. The 'girls' are part of our family now and even our cat enjoys their company,they often all sit together in the garden!! Its such a great feeling to have our own chickens freely wandering around the garden. Our children love them and give them a daily cuddle which the chickens, (Jacob and Jemima!) seem to really enjoy! We get two beautiful eggs each morning and they really do taste totally different. Id been thinking about getting chickens for quite some time, now I wish we had done it much sooner, thankyou omlet!!!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

Cracking!!!! - Claire,

We deliberated long and hard about getting our chickens, and now that we have, I'm so pleased we did! I can whole heartedly recommend and buying the 'Eglu Go package was perfect for us', as we have found this to be the most practical and enjoyable way to own our 'lovely girls' "Stephanie and Penny" who laid from the day after they joined us! The eglu go is so easy to keep clean and we feel happy knowing that our girls are safe each night from Mr Fox....! The introductory talk was informative and we have taken on board all of the advice given to us from Omlet. If you are undecided, let me make your mind up....our children adore our chickens, they wake each morning, looking forward to letting them out and finding eggs,,,,its a joy and a completely new experience for us as a family. Our girls have very quickly become part of the family, following us around like little puppies! So all I can say is, do it.....there's a farmer deep down in all of us! :)

Verified Purchase: May 2011

Super - Helen,

A bit of a struggle to put the run together but Doris and Beattie are very happy in their new home!

Verified Purchase: Oct 2013

fabulous - Sandra,

Eglu go is great, so easy for the kids to manage and our chickens love it too!. Our chickens were delivered by Colin from Perthshire Poullets and they gave us two eggs the very next morning and have quickly become part of the family. Only negative things are two screws were missing but this did not effect things greatly and arrived in the post a week later.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2017

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