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Great product - Alasdair,

I have been looking at Eglus for a number of years now and finally took the plunge in late 2010. I have not been disappointed - the Eglu itself does the job brilliantly as well as looking good in the garden. The two chickens started laying pretty much straight away and have kept up regular production even through the snow and cold weather in December. My wife has been won over, and the kids love the chickens (and the eggs!). The delivery service was also great - on time, efficient and friendly. I would recommend Omlet and Eglus to anyone.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2014

Perfect! Great chickens, Eglu and service A++++++ - Daniel,

Excellent product, wonderful service both before and after purchase. I've got two happy chickens who started laying on the day they were delivered and who are already members of the family. Great for the kids and the missus, and I'm rather partial to undoubtedly the best eggs I have ever eaten.

Verified Purchase: May 2013

eggcellent... lol - Fiona,

totally fox proof easy to clean and the hens are happy and healthy too. i will buy one for my ducks soon.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2010

OK - Alison,

I was disappointed to find that the run did not detach easily from the chicken house. This means that the 2 together are heavy and cumbersome to move around the garden and requires 2 people. I intend to move my chickens frequently and it will be a more difficult task than I had envisaged. (It could be that it is actually quite easy to detach the wire run and I have not yet found out how to do it?) Otherwise I think the design is good, and everything that I had expected it to be.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

Nice little house! - Elizabeth,

I already bought an Eglu Cube a year or so ago and when they all started to pick on poor Cindy I decided that she needed to be separated from the rest before they killed her! So I bought an Eglu Go...First mistake was to think it would be easy to put together, two friends and four hours later I still dont think we have it perfectly built! I dont love it to the same extent as the Cube, it is much more difficult to clean and keep clean, I dont feel it is as accessible as the run is so long and low. Cindy likes to sleep, poop and lay her eggs all in one place which is not great, the separate room in the Cube is much better. But overall is does the job, she is happy enough, all her pecked feathers are growing back and the other hens are dying to get in there! I wish you would look at the design of your food and water dishes and make them like the more convential style. My hens wont use either of your designs.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2010

Brilliant! - Natasha,

I love this funky little chicken house and my feathered friends Ginger and Pepper do too! It's easy to clean, move around the garden and looks great. A must for every household!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2015

Excellent - Sarah,

Really happy with the package

Verified Purchase: Jan 2013

Excellent and Great Fun - Rachel,

Easy to clean (apart from the step by the door). Solid enough to be dragging around the garden.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2013

Good basic run. - Jane,

I found that it is a good basic house and run to start off chicken keeping. The house door lock is very secure.I found however it took longer to put together than the instructions. The house is hard to clean properly as you cannot pull it a part. The nesting box seems to shallow as the hens keep kicking out the bedding and they won't lay in it. They lay in my Eglu Classic which has a better nesting box and is easier to clean.The Eglu Go does seem more spacious than the Eglu Classic.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2019

good - Christine,

I am pleased with the eglu. My hens like it and it is generally easy to keep clean. The two things I find difficult are that it is not practical to detatch the run from the eglu so the front of the eglu is almost impossible to clean (though I realise this keeps it fox proof). I also find the feeder too large for two hens and wasteful on food, so I am thinking of buying a hopper.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2012

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