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Brilliant! - Natasha,

I love this funky little chicken house and my feathered friends Ginger and Pepper do too! It's easy to clean, move around the garden and looks great. A must for every household!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2015

Excellent - Sarah,

Really happy with the package

Verified Purchase: Jan 2013

Excellent and Great Fun - Rachel,

Easy to clean (apart from the step by the door). Solid enough to be dragging around the garden.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2013

Good basic run. - Jane,

I found that it is a good basic house and run to start off chicken keeping. The house door lock is very secure.I found however it took longer to put together than the instructions. The house is hard to clean properly as you cannot pull it a part. The nesting box seems to shallow as the hens keep kicking out the bedding and they won't lay in it. They lay in my Eglu Classic which has a better nesting box and is easier to clean.The Eglu Go does seem more spacious than the Eglu Classic.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2019

good - Christine,

I am pleased with the eglu. My hens like it and it is generally easy to keep clean. The two things I find difficult are that it is not practical to detatch the run from the eglu so the front of the eglu is almost impossible to clean (though I realise this keeps it fox proof). I also find the feeder too large for two hens and wasteful on food, so I am thinking of buying a hopper.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2012

Absolutely fantastic - Kath,

Really wanted the chickens for our little daughters and gritted teeth envisaging lots of hard work. Not so - the Eglu has made it easy easy easy. We're just thrilled to bits!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

very pleased - Kathryn,

I am very happy with my Eglu go and the professional way it was delivered and set up.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2010


This is truly amazing - the only thing was that it was late and came without a shade we have a fox and they haven't gotten in yet :) fingers crossed

Verified Purchase: Sep 2010


We bought our green Eglu Go at the end of August and Milly, Molly and Mandy have settled in beautifully. The whole family are loving every aspect of keeping our hens and there is a rush to collect the eggs each morning. We would highly recommend the Eglu ( and indeed have done so to everyone we meet) and feel certain that we will be purchasing another one in the very near future along with three more hens. Eggs are fabulous! Thank you Omlet. We are very satisfied customers.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

A fantastic addition to our family and garden - Ross,

The Eglu and hens were delivered late on a Thursday morning. George was friendly and very knowledgeable. We settled down to a period of the hens, named Margo and Tilly, getting used to their new home and being introduced to our 2 westies. The dogs were very excited about the new addition to their family - a bit too excited - but with a little training, within a few days, they had learnt to accept and love our Margo and Tilly. The girls laid about a week after arriving and have been laying ever since. Tilly is a bit lazy and will only lay 3 out of every 4 days. She's a very 'talkative' hen and seems to be giving us a running commentary as she goes along. I found the nest/roost box easy to keep clean. The girls and us have quickly established a routine. I'm really glad my partner persuaded me to buy them. We are truely micro-farmers now. I only wish I had a few more square metres to get some more hens.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2011

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