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Verified Reviews for Chick Enclosure Panels Set of 8

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I initially bought these as a chick enclosure and left a review explaining how I thought they were too flimsy, however I have since changed my mind but for another use, my silkie hen has recently hatched a couple of tiny chicks, she is raising them in the laying part of the eglu and my deep layer of hay throughout the eglu has provided a safe and level ground for the chicks, plus my silkies prefer it to bare plastic bars. She lives with another silkie hen and a silkie cockerel, who have both been fairly unconcerned (so far) about the broody hen, anyway long story short, I wanted to separate the cheeky chicks from running out of the eglu, as I let my silkies all free range, the run door is open and the chicks could be supper for somebody, these panels are PERFECT to make a divider in the inner eglu. l used three to make a brilliant space for mother and chicks, I used gaffer tape to attach them to the eglu sides, plus the others can see over the top so everyone is happy and most importantly the chicks have space to roam and stay safe, all good here ????????

Verified Purchase: May 2020