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Exactly What We Needed! - Robin,

I am delighted with this fence. It was easy to install, and does the job of keeping my three hens in "their" half of the backyard - thus sparing the garden and the patio from their ravages, while still giving them plenty of space to roam. Worth every penny.

Chicken fence - John,

I am super happy with the omlet chicken fence. It worked perfectly for my small area keeping the chickens happy in their own corner of the yard. It does not stand out blending in well with the surroundings.

Versatile and quality - Linda,

We use our omelet chicken fence all the time to keep the chickens in the part of the garden we want them working in. It is easily moved because of the double spikes. It has made life a lot simpler as we can keep the chickens from pooping on the verandah!

Great product! - Esther,

Excellent fencing. Easy to assemble. Looks great and functions very well. Love that its able to be moved so easily and configured into any shape. We use it as our chicken run along with the eglu. Very happy with our purchase:-)

- Karen, QLD,

We purchased the 12 metre fencing and are absolutely thrilled with it. It keeps my 4 little silkie girls contained, but gives them extra room to roam around. I find its really easy to move when mowing, and I love the fact that I can make a different shaped run each time I set it up. We purchased extra poles as well, which I think is of great benefit regardless of how many metres of fencing you buy.

12m Chicken Fencing - Julie,

Easy to put up. Looks quite good. Only issue I had was that my dog made a hole in it on the first day. That was not an Omlet problem- more a nosy dog problem,

Cheap quality,unsatisfactory and not fit for purpose. - Sam,

We recently purchased this fence and decided to go with another Omlet product after being delighted with our Cube we bought previously. We received the fence and were surprised to find that the poles that came with it were very light plastic and the fence itself like football goal netting. Not deterred by the seemingly low quality of the product we thought for £200 it would prove us wrong and be fit for purpose. We sadly have been disappointed as our chickens fly over the fence, the poles are flimsy and it appears to have a hole in the netting where the string has untwined itself. All in all I would not recommend this product and look elsewhere.

- Dave,

Chooks the ultimate lawn and garden vandals!!! Yes that's right people beware of your free ranging birds. I have had enough of those egg laying bulldozers destroying my garden and lawn. So do you know what I did. I gave my chooks the middle finger and brought the 32m Omlet Chicken/Chook fence. Now I am at peace with my chooks, I have a beautiful garden and I can control where my chooks free range, and let other sections of my lawn recover from the carnage. We are all happy. Yep nothing but blue sky's from here on people.

great idea, practical and easy to use - Diana,

I have a large block so the combination of fences lets me fence off different areas mowing some regrowthing others. chickens are great little grass mowers

- Peter,

Easy to use and erect. Doing a wonderful job!

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