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It's great!! - Helen,

We bought the fence a few months ago and love it! We section off different areas of the garden that the chickens are allowed in (to save the veggies) and it's easy to shift around, keeps the chickens where we want them to be with the added bonus that the dogs don't step on the seedlings too :-) Our girls showed us that we definitely need to use the pegs on the ground so they don't just walk It suited us to cut the fence into two sections so we can either seperate different parts of the garden or join the two bits together again (thank goodness cable ties were invented!). As a side note, Omlet's customer service is fantastic

Great Quality and Easy to Use - New,

I bought the 21metre kit to create a hen corridor around the perimeter of the garden. Very impressed with the quality of the net and supports. Very easy to erect and reposition. Strong enough to keep frightened hens safe from neighbours large labrador which paid an expected visit "to play". Fence stayed up in recent deep snow despite a disgruntled Gingernut Ranger using it as a perch to escape the nasty white stuff.

Fencing - Westley,

Thank you I am loving my fence and so are the chickens

Great Idea - wish it was a bit higher - Vanessa,

We love the fencing - however wish it was a bit higher. Our girls keep flying the coop! Otherwise a really good concept and well made.

Omlet Says: Hi Vanessa, Sounds like you have rather naughty birds :( You can clip one wing and that should stop them, another thing to check is that there is nothing close to the fence for them to jump onto to make it easier to fly over :) - Lara @Omlet

Easy to install & does the job well - Gerry,

Easy to erect and effective. - Susan,

Does the job it claims to do. Green netting makes it fairly inconspicuous so blends into the garden well. I have rather wet soil so could have done with the feet being a bit bigger to add to stability in strong winds but a few extra stays seems to sort that out. Apart from that pleased with the product and would recommend to others.

Excellent! - Russell,

The fencing is a great product. Easy to assemble and use and terrific at keeping the free ranging (poop machine) chickens in the yard and off our decking! Wish we had got one years ago.

An ideal product, fits it's purpose perfectly. - Bill,

We have found the mobile fence to be ideal for our purpose. A well made product, quick to erect and relocate as well. i would have ranked this unit a five star but found several fence post screw holes did not line up when assembling and had to re drill these to get a snug fit. A small issue. We are sure we will get many years of excellent service from our fence; thank you from us and the chooks!

Omlet Says: Great to hear, sorry you had issues with the screw holes, we can send replacement poles if you need, just let us know. Lara

Great Product - Dave,

Good design, all in one fencing and posts and the extra spike on the posts makes the whole thing stronger and more likely to stay upright. Great product.

So happy I found Omlet fencing! - Sally, CA,

Omlet fencing is exactly what I needed! So happy that I happened on the Omlet website. The product overall has worked beautifully for my needs. Had to modify the gate hook up because I'm not using it in a circuit. It was very easy to assemble and looks great, almost see through. The only problem I had was one spot where the ground was super hard. Use a mallet to pound in the spikes and it caused the spikes to bend. Ended up tying the pole to a fence. I will definitely recommend Omlet fencing to anyone needing to corral their chickens, it's a perfect solution.

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