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great idea, practical and easy to use - Diana,

I have a large block so the combination of fences lets me fence off different areas mowing some regrowthing others. chickens are great little grass mowers

- Peter,

Easy to use and erect. Doing a wonderful job!

Versatility plus - Jane,

The Omlet netting is amazing, so portable and reliable, so easy to set up, use and move anywhere. I love this product: I already have 2 sizes and friends have wanted to borrow it. I truly recommend this product, it gives my show birds free time in the sun and scratch around without fear of loosing them or having a chicken run!

Perfect fence - Stephanie,

I went back and forth on whether to get this fence or make our own. My DIY version was about $50 cheaper with materials from tractor supply (Omlet fence was on big sale at the time) but I decided that the ease of use was worth the extra $50. We like to move the chickens' area around some so that we can let them "work" the garden area and such. I moved the fence for the first time today and it was soooo worth the extra $50. The posts go into the ground easily, move easily, the gate is perfect, and the fencing is lightweight but heavy duty (it's like a shrimp net or gill net that commercial fishermen use so it will standup to a lot). Great fence especially if you need to be able to move it.

I love it - Kerrie,

Got my chicken fence today took an hour to get up absolutely love it easy to do.Took some pics to share but no gallery . THANKYOU Omlet

Netting review - Maura,

Very easy to put together, and to change position. Thank you.

- Jacqui,

This product is great. I use it for moving chickens around the yard from about 7/8 weeks old to fully grown - i.e Large Light Sussex and Silver Laced Wyandottes. Lightweight and easy to erect.

Dissapointed when it arrived:( Screws were missing! - Vivienne,

I was very excited when my fence arrived but as soon as I opened the box I was extremely disappointed because the screws were missing! I had to wait two weeks to get them and had to keep my girls shut up. The fence is very good now that it's set up.

Omlet Says: Sorry it was such a wait Vivienne, it was bad timing with the Christmas break right after the fencing arrived with you, when the office was closed. Great to hear that the fence is good now.

Amazing product! - Elissa,

I bought both the 68ft fence and the second largest one... I was worried about how the fence might hold up to our WI winters... so far so good! So simple to assemble, I could do by myself or with the aid of my 9 year old son. Now that I have 2 fences, I can set one up while they are still enclosed in the other. I will definitely keep buying this product as long as I am keeping chickens! (and I love my chickens:)

Eggcellent fencing - Jane,

I love my Omlet netting, I got a second next size up as I was so impressed with the ease and versility of the product. Friends have asked to borrow it and want to know where I got it from, that's how awesome the fence is. I like it because it lets me allow my show birds out of their pens while I can supervise. My only issue is that if keeping it up at night as we have wild rabbits which chewed through, so I just raise it up slightly each night to stop them ruining my beautiful fence! Definitely recommend this product and I have been in the poultry game for years, love my chooks to bits, I love to see them run around free on the grass safety, so that must say everything!

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