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Perfect for keeping my hens in separate part of garden while keeping them safe -


Very useful product - Derbyshire,

This is an excellent compromise between free range and giving your chickens space to roam. It seems sturdy but is flexible so you can move it around with ease. You do need two people to assemble it, and a fair amount of space but my partner and I actually assembled it indoors (it was raining and windy out) then rolled it up until we could put it up. Again, to put it up initially is a lot easier with two people, but once it’s up it’s easy to adjust when you’re on your own. I have used the tent pegs supplied, but not the guy ropes. I can find enough things to trip over without adding more. There are useful things, like the fluorescent sign so you can easily find the gate in the dark, but the other good thing is it’s not that noticeable when it’s up, it kind of merges into the background. I’ve put in a cheap water and feeder, plus an old carrier box I used for my cat so they can shelter if they want. So all in all a great solution when you don’t want your girls all over the garden all the time.

Great, easy to move about. - Aberdeenshire,

We bought this to give our girls access to grass. We knew that the grass in their 3x3 metre run wouldn't last their scratchy claws. It's great as an enclosed, movable area. I've added one of the wee doors to the opposite side from the walk in door in from our enclosed run so I can move the fencing from one side to the other for fresh grass. Really pleased with how easy it is to shift about. We only let them into those areas when we are in the garden as we are constantly wary of Mr Fox, but find it a great addition to our Eglu kit.

Top-quality and flexible fencing -

I bought this fencing to keep my chickens safe but then decided it would be better used to keep my veggies safe! So now my chicken happily have the run of the garden - except the veg area, which is safely fenced. It works very well. The gate is easy to use, even with one hand (if I'mm carrying tools/veg), and the fencing is high enough to keep the bantams out.

What a perfect solution -

Bought to stop my free range chickens eating my spinach and digging the wildflower garden meaning I now grow the most expensive spinach in the world. But hey the chickens are perfectly happy in their fenced off area and I have no more lost chicken or lost plant anxiety!

Good piece of kit -

The fencing arrived very promptly even though on purchase they said there would be a delay. The product is strong nice looking and easy to assemble once you get your head around the pictorial instructions! I realise why they are pictorial because of the numerous languages incorporated in the instructions, but me personally always struggle with them at first. The fence appears to be of good quality and strong, ample pegs and guy ropes provided. I would recommend this product.

fence -

I looks very good on my allotment, I can sit and do knitting while they are scurrying around.

Very effective and practical -

An excellent product which is relatively easy to assemble. Would be good if the posts forming the gate were clearly marked to separate them out from all the other posts which are very similar.

Perfect for garden reared poultry -

Had the old style fencing previously which I loved. Wasn’t sure about getting the new style but so far so good. The new gate system is a big improvement on the old & having small size holes from top to bottom stops even those small bantams escaping. Still getting used to the ridged fencing & not being able to lean over into the pen the same but a minor thing. One area I feel there is still room for improvement is the pegs. Fair to few & lightweight. Will replace those provided with more heavy duty & durable camping pens.

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