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Doesn't Do The Job (old version of the fencing) -

I'm afraid I can only give this product 2 stars. I spent quite some time researching products so that my chickens could free range around the garden and picked this one because of the great reviews it had. I found the product quite tricky to put up and as I have undulating ground have had to supplement with additional tent pegs to stop there being a gap at the bottom of the fencing but once up it's proved to be quite sturdy and blends in well with the garden. I've only given 2 stars - 1 for the fencing itself - unfortunately my chickens can get out - I have two Isa Browns, one of which quite happily flies over the fencing and in again as she wishes, I also have Silkies which are quite small and I have seen them jump up to the larger holes and push themselves through the netting. This happened when I first put it up - they didn't understand it was there to keep them in as previously I let them out to roam where they liked or if they get spooked they try to get out in a panic (they seem to have settled now and are happy now to stay in the compound). So unfortunately, for my chickens the fencing isn't fit for purpose. I've also given another star for Omlet customer service which is excellent.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2018