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Great run -

A great kit that let us set up a large run for the chickens. Most of the work is easy with one person, but unrolling the plastic fencing definitely benefitted from having two people. The poles are sturdy and well designed, and the gate is secure and easy to use. And having guy ropes supplied is really useful: the fence stays up fine without them, but they offer an extra layer of stability for wind and wildlife. My only criticism is that, although the poles are extendable, they're a couple of inches shorter than the fence roll even when fully extended, which means the fence won't go properly taut - even though the instructions emphasise that it should do so!

Fiddly -

I like it. It works and it looks pretty good. But it is super fiddly to put together. It was akin to putting up tents, complete marriage wrecker...... But it works well.

I’m happy. Hens happy. -

This was straightforward to put up. Instructions were clear. I’m very impressed with the quality of this product. Although not fox proof it does allow the hens to have a sizeable area to explore without wondering off. It’s easy to move if needed but also has stayed secure in position. Would recommend.

Fencing Mk 2 -

Takes a bit of figuring out to assemble the gates but otherwise straightforward to assemble the posts. Once erected its easy to put in place and move around the garden. It’s a great extra run for the girls. Would definitely recommend. The black fencing blends in to the garden welll.

Chicken fencing -

We love this fencing. I’m sure we could have adapted a cheaper version but it would not look so good as this. It does not look ugly and just blends in with the garden. Our eglu is over 10 years old and is as robust, safe and good looking as the day we bought it!

Easy to install and a great product. -

Needed more fencing to keep our girls from wandering.....this was just the job. Easy to erect with clear instructions and very good quality. The fact that it can be moved is brilliant!

Really happy with my Omlet fencing -

I was sick of getting scratched up by metal chicken wire and really wanted something sturdy, safe, with the convenience of a built-in gate opening. Omlet has thought of everything. I'm really happy with this purchase. It was worth it even though I had to ship it somewhere on the US mainland and then pay to have it shipped to me in Hawaii. They don't ship to Hawaii. I guess that'd be my only complaint. :)

Very happy - -- SELECT STATE --,

Bought to replace very old Omlet netting type fencing. Very happy with it. No escapes, as yet. Fox seen by neighbour running around outside fencing but unable to get through. (Apparently don't like height and won't jump onto a surface which isn't stable) Would recommend

Very good -

A good alternative to wire netting and easy to assemble

Great product! -

Easy to install and very sturdy! Easy to move around. I would buy it again!!

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