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Fabulous! - Julie,

Easy to put together but do allow a couple of hours. The instructions were great. My girls are now very safe!

Purchased 2x2x1 run - Chris,

Quality product that was easy to assemble. Recommended 2 people, I did it by myself. Held up well against by kid's kickball game in my backyard. Chickens love it. Not an eye-sore.

Fabulous! - Louise,

I had a couple of issues with the delivery but these were swiftly resolved by Omlet. I couldn't fault their resolution. Thrilled with the pen, easy to erect and is so much easier to tend to my girls. Free from rodent and fox intrusion! My girls feel safe and most of all with the space they are very happy. Thank you!

Fantastic Purchase - Kim,

I have 4 bantam hens and I've tried various different constructs and housing ideas for them over the years. They had an eglu go with the attached run but when the avian flu outbreak happened, they were in this small run permanently and it just wasn't enough space for them. I'd heard many good things about the walk in run and I sent a couple of enquiries over to a lady in the office called Silvia who was extremely helpful and friendly, she took all the time in the world to send me the information I needed to make my purchase. I decided to buy the basic package and one extension pack so that I had a 2 m x 3 m run. The shipping was prompt and the item was well packaged, the instructions were easy to follow and it took about two hours for two of us to put the run together. The time taken more than anything is to attach and connect all of the clips as there are quite a few and the end result is an extremely sturdy, well built and attractive run. The quality of these walk in runs are 2nd to none; there just simply isn't anything better on the market in my opinion and the fact that it's green helps it to blend into the garden where is most are made of silver poles and stretched chickenwire...this one looks attractive in the garden. I also took the opportunity to purchase myself a connector so that I could attach the coop to the outside of the run and not loose space inside and this is extremely well fitted and very fox proof in my opinion. My girls are very happy now that they have a permanent stationary residence and it allows me to know that they are safe but still have adequate space to enjoy their time safely away from predators. I like the fact with the runs that you can purchase additional extensions so if you want you run to be bigger, taller or longer then you can always purchase these at a later date whereas most runs on the market do require you to pick your size and then you are stuck with it. This makes it difficult if you need a big run but you don't have the funds. I do intend to make my run a full height walk in and possibly even a little bit longer in the future and it's nice to know that I simply need to just attach the extensions. To top it all off, when an offer was run 2 days after my purchase, omlet were kind enough to refund me the difference is well. The customer service is 2nd to none, the product is extremely well built and I'm so pleased with the purchase and wish that I'd put the original money into this in the first place instead of trying to find a cheaper alternatives. If you are on the fence about this purchase all I can say is it's worth every penny that you spend!

Briiliant - Lisa,

Walk in run so brilliant and my chicken loves it also a lot easier for me to clean. Would recommend it to anyone maybe be more expensive but is truly brilliant

THE best chicken setup ever! - Karen,

I've been keeping chickens for 10 years and having tried various housing methods. I.E. small chicken coop and garden sheds I can honestly say this eglu cube and run is the best system I've had. No more red mite! Easy to clean house. Foxproof run! Last year I purchased the 3m x 3m x 2m walk in run and it has done an excellent job. I've just purchased an extension kit to make it 4 x 3m to give the girls more room and I love it! Ordering was easy and package arrived quickly. I wish I'd invested in this setup years ago. Worth every penny, thank you Omlet x

Very happy with the product - Diane,

We are very happy with the new run, it was easy to put up - once we worked out which clips to use with which panels- like all these things it's easy once you have that Eureka moment! It is nicely fox proof - evidence they'd tried to get in due to objects outside that had been moved / destroyed - but no chance they could penetrate. The split door is really useful for corn scattering. The run will be easy to cover if the AI restrictions come back into force in our area. Competitive price to other systems we looked at, but easier to maintain and fitted easily to our existing Eglu cube (Mk1) and run (which must be at least 10 -12 yrs ? old and still going strong.

Good product - Kathi,

A quick solution to protect my ducks from foxes. Relatively easy to install, well-designed and strong, and blends nicely into the garden. Impressed by the secure and tamper-proof gate latch.

Walk in run - Hannah,

We added a walk in run to our go up so our chickens could enjoy more fox proof space. It is very robust and adding the weather protection roof makes all the difference. Very good product



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