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Walk in run 2x3x2 - Keith,

Very good. Easy to assamble. Put cube inside the run as I didn’t like the connection kit, and later extended the run to 2x4x2 to give the ladies more space. They love it.

Great little run - Jayne,

This run is great. It is much easier to clean out the coop than the lower 2m and 3m runs where you can't reach the front of the coop. However I would say that if you can afford a bigger one it would be well worth it as this one is quite tight (we have the go up in it). Also the poo tray for the go does not fit through the door of the run so you have to tilt it (and some of the poo falls out). The hens do love this run. It is ideal for my 3 Orpingtons (big birds).

great - Anna,

I love my Omlet and so does my 9 girls, getting eggs already.. The Instructions where confusing.. Had to spend hours studying them to make sure we got everything do right..

Super run; looks great, easy to build - Richard,

We thought the Omlet run would be the ideal replacement for our old and collapsing run and we were not disappointed! It has been cleverly designed to be safe for the hens and weatherproof, it blends in very well with the rest of the garden, and the high roof and stable door make it very practical to use. We bought the biggest run possible as we wanted to give our hens plenty of space. We were a bit worried about the build and the 14 boxes we had to deal with! However the instructions were very clear and with two of us it only took around five hours to build and secure it. We also had an old fixed run to remove but that's another story....

An excellent product - Carol,

This has so improved my ability to look after the chickens! We previously had a low run which meant crawling round to catch the chickens, but this offers me (and the grandchildren) the opportunity to be in the run with the chickens which has made them more friendly. I would certainly recommend it.

3x3x2 - Demetrio,

everything came as expected. not one single item missing. Very pleased with the outcome and quality. Great service and communication from provider.

Walk in chicken run 3x3x2 - Karen,

Delighted with the quality of this product. Peace of mind that the chickens are in a safe, fox proof enclosure with plenty of space for them. Links well to the Eglu run. Took a while to put together but well worth the effort.

Nice run - Jayne, Highland,

This run is great, the main plus being that it is (hopefully) predator proof. However I had intended to move it every week so that the chickens could be on grass. It takes 3 of us to lift it and it feels like it is going to fall apart. It is obviously not designed to be moved. On the whole though I am very happy with it.

Fantastic - Paul,

Cons: At over £500 it is a lot of money It is a big job to put it together - especially building it with just one person Having said that it only needs to be built once, even though I wont' be offering to put another one up, as it will last for years and years the price does offer good value for money. All of the above should be ignored, though, as these runs look fantastic, are secure and safe for the chickens and the double door means that you can get in and out but also open half of it for access without the hens getting out. You can also get in and pet the hens - if that's your sort of thing. I would definitely recommend one of these runs. they are perfect.

Walk in run - Susan, Lincolnshire,

Safe run with plenty of space for the chickens. They sat on a log and watched us build it, just wish I had the camera at the time. This makes feeding so much easier. We have my brothers old classic eglu (about 10 years old and still going strong) for now but would like a new cube at some point which will be easier to clean out.

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