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WALK IN CHICKEN RUN 2 X 2 X 3 - Harry, NJ,

The Walk In Chicken Run was easy to install and sturdy. I connects easily with my Eglu Cube. My 6 chickens love it.

Quite the pain to put up - but brilliant - Mandie,

I seem to recall seeing something about this taking a couple of hours to put up. Ha! It took 4 of us about 4-5 hours to get it done. It all looked a bit wobbly but once it was all clipped together it is rock solid. Overview really pleased with it now. It's attached to our aged egglu and we move all of it every week or so so that the chooks can get some fresh grass under their feet. Worth the set up pain!

Great product - Carole, Surrey,

This is my second purchase of an Omlet run. Easy to assemble and built to last. Very happy with the product

Excellent product. - Zoo,

Excellent product. - Zoo,

Fantastic- my parrots love it! - Courtney,

Took less than an hour to set up- easy to assemble and very good quality product. Just as effective for large parrots as it is for chickens :)

Great run when up, but fiddly to build - Angie,

We built this with a neighbour helping (3 of us) and found it quite fiddly. It was a cold day and we didn't warm the clips in hot water (we did when we bought the extension kit later!) so they were very hard to clip. We also found later that we had put the bottom panels facing different ways (they are slightly different on each side). It didn't affect the structure. We would have like the various pieces numbered, perhaps with a tag on each, and then the numbers marked out on the picture in the instruction manual. We originally bought a 2 x 2 x 2 but knew when we had more cash we would buy an extension - it is great that you can adapt it as you go. We now have a 3 x 3 x 2 run. Making the run bigger the second time was much quicker, with the clips in a bowl of hot water. As it was a wintery day the warm water helped warm the hands whilst softening the clips - ideal as it was hard to use the clips wearing gloves. The ordering / delivery was excellent - I think we received both orders within 2 days and on the day promised.

Looks good - Alison,

I bought my walk in run second-hand. The previous owner supplied all the clips, but told us that she'd resorted to using cable ties instead. As I have arthritis in my hands, I did the same. The clips were too fiddly. My entire run is held together with cable ties, and they work. Once the roof is on, it seems surprisingly stable. Not difficult to put together and it fitted beautifully to my coop. Looking forward to letting the hens out in it tomorrow.

Very pleased - Jaime,

We invested in this run to ensure a large, secure enclosure for our 3 little chickens when we are at work. Once we got the hang of it, putting it together was fairly easy. The only minor disappointment (and the reason for 4 stars) was that wild birds can get in through the mesh of the upper part of the run. I have had to purchase some netting to ensure it is secure and to keep the wild birds out. I particularly like the fact that I can go in upright and don't have to crawl through the chicken poo like I did with the old run.

My ladies love it! - Davina,

I'm absolutely delighted with my walk in run! It is excellent quality and I have 100% faith that my ladies will be safe from those hungry foxes! Once we knew which part went where, we built it quite quickly (it's 24 foot long and it's definitely a two person job)! I don't have to feel guilty about going away for the weekend now as my girls (who normally free range) have so much space! My ladies love it! Thank you Omlet!

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