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Quick and good looking -

It arrived a few days after ordering and took a few hours to construct including 2 extensions. It looks really good, is sturdy and very unobtrusive in the garden. The assembly instructions could be much improved with the addition of some colour in key places.

Love to walk in, but too an age to assemble! -

Great to be able to walk in. However, the door seems less secure than on a normal runs the shape is not "defined well" by the posts which are not on the corners. Is wobbles and bends before the Cube is attached making it difficult to attached and remove the strains. I felt that corner support posts would have made the whole structure more robust and easier to fit. And SOOOO many clips. BUT! it does do exactly what I wanted and has even allowed some "creativity" as I have a corner roosting bar (a.k.a. broom handle) wedged in (rather popular in the morning it seems) and a platform by the door made from a spare door.

Big improvement to standalone Eglu -

We fixed this onto an Eglu which already had a double run (i.e. another secondhand Eglu run attached). Finally, I feel completely comfortable about the amount of permanent space I am giving to three to five hens. The hens do still use the original run tunnel, mostly for resting up and dustbathing, but spend most of their time in the new run section, so perhaps they like the more three-dimensional space it gives them. It promises to be much easier to clean out (we keep our hens on bark/woodchippings from a local tree surgeon); and its much more pleasant to be able to get into the run to be able to sort out food & water. It took two people about five hours spread over two evenings to put this up. This did include a bit of time levelling the uneven ground, but one person was engaged on run assembly or in trying to fathom the instructions throughout. I'd say that a two-hour erection time was optimistic. Note that it doesn't come with any pegs to fix the skirting down, though the weight of the run will help a lot. We were expecting this and have used bricks and a few tent pegs in addition. By the way, the boxes were delivered by Parcelforce in a very battered state, with large tears in some of them, but none of the contents were damaged or had escaped. Like other reviewers, I felt that this was a bit pricey before purchase, but liked the idea of a permanent run that could be moved if absolutely necessary. It definitely does the job.

Fantastic -

I orginally felt a little apprehensive at the cost of this run, but having constructed it, its worth every penny. My girls are safe and happy and have enough room to have some fun in. My grandchildren love the fact they can go in with them and really get to know them. It looks great in the garden. Once again I am amazed by the level of service from Omlet....absolutely outstanding......thank you!

walk in run -

This was easy to put up, and is a nice lazy way to give the chickens more safe space and ourselves room to do things without bending double. We have used it attached to our wooden framed walk in run, which gives the flexibility to separate chickens when the need arises. Very pleased with it.

Great Run -

Having considered this purcahse for a couple of monts, I'm glad we decided to go with this run. It is pricey, but I think it will wear better than a wooden one and it will hold good value if I ever come to sell it in the future. It blends in well on our lawn and looks sophisticated rather than an eye sore or out of place. All in all I'm very happy with it.

Great Product -

We love this run. We bought it for our cat and it is perfect. Maybe you should advertise it as a cat run as well as a chicken run. It looks really good in our garden, very straightforward to assemble and is not obtrusive at all. It is not cheap but you get what you pay for and it is very good quality. Many thanks from both me and my cat!

just what I was looking for -

It blends well with the garden and gives the chickens plenty of room if for some reason (eg I am going to be out til late, or am away for a couple of days leaving the neighbours in charge) they can't be completely free range. It did take far longer to put up than advertised though- partly because we were putting it in a corner rather than in the middle of the lawn. Also it is not cheap - but still absolutely delighted with it.

5-star accommodation for chickens -

This is a fantastic run. I assembled it with the help of my 7-year old in 4 hours. Lots of space for feeders, drinkers and tree branches for the girls to sit on. Very unimposing in the garden, brilliant design. Omlet team need to add a little hook that would hold the doors i they are to stay open at times, but I am using a piece of wire. Omlet, please design a "bathing tub" where the chickens cannot kick out the soil too much.

Security and peace of mind -

This was just what we were looking for. While waiting for a price for a similar structure to be made from wood and wire netting news of the new walk-in run arrived, could hardly believe it. Serious layout for us in terms of cost but probably not much more than the wood/wire alternative. Took me a alot longer than the 2 hours predicted in the instructions to put together and had to fudge here and there but if this middle-aged woman can do it on her own, anyone can. With the increase in the fox population locally much peace of mind makes the run worth every penny. Now thinking of getting more chickens to fill it...

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