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Verified Reviews for Aubiose Bedding - 20kg

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Absorbs smells and urine better than paper bedding! - Rin, London,

I started using this a month ago and I’ve used about half so far so I’d say one bag will last me 2 months (spot cleaning once a day, full changeover once a week). I’m going to try composting it though because too many rabbit litter bags are piling up in the black bin. I could probably go longer without spot cleaning and save on throwing so much of it out but I like a clean litter box! I like that this is safe to eat in small quantities unlike paper bedding or cat litter, and although similar in texture to sawdust doesn’t give breathing problems since it’s dust free. Just wish I could save more on waste.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2021 This reviewer has 2-4 pets

Auboiose Bedding - Alexandra,

I bought this a month or two back as a new hay to try for my quail. It's good and light and not prickly like the usual straw I can buy, but I still add some soft hay to their nesting boxes.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2021 This reviewer has 8-10 Quail pets

AUBIOSE BEDDING 20kg - Christine,

This bedding is wonderful for smaller animals eg rabbits etc and very clean to use. However if you have several hens (over 6) I would recommend normal hay as this stuff is difficult to handle don't misunderstand me it is very good and clean but better for smaller animals.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2018

Experiment - Hayley,

I bought this as an experiment. The product I usually buy, the eco cardboard bedding, was no longer available. I am happy with it and would buy it again. My rabbit also appears to like it too. It’s a bit messy but does the job

Verified Purchase: Apr 2020

Good bedding for our hens AND guinea pigs - Clare, Derbyshire,

This is excellent value for money; it lasts ages and goes straight into the compost bin after use. The hens nest on it (in our Eglu Go) and the guinea pigs seem to like it their large indoor home; very snug for all the animals.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Great product,suits all pets - Susan,

Tried this for the first time as didn't like using wood shavings for house bunnies,(what we previously used is discontinued).nice,clean product,no smells from bunnies and they don't carry it all around the house,as they did with wood shavings.Also tried using this with our ducks,nice soft and absorbent.Easy to dispose of and lightweight.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2015

Good company to deal with. - Chritine, London,

All arrived well packed and as promised.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2014

The girls are very happy - Jane,

I have switched from the traditional wood shavings. The hens don't seem affected by the switch and it is a much nicer material to clean up. There appears to be less sticking and less odour.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Chickens seem to like it. - Sarah,

Bought this after reading reviews and thought I'd try it. My chickens seem to like it. The only down side to it is that if used in the eglu cube nesting area, newspaper has to be put down first otherwise it all falls through the hole.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2017

Very nice, lasted for a long time - Brodie,

This large bag of fine, compressed wood-chips has lasted an extremely long time for our 4 girls. We still have about 20% of it left after regularly filling up the dropping trays in our Cube.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2015