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A good heavy bit of kit - West Yorkshire,

We took a couple of wrong turns whilst building this— It took a while in other words, and we had to look at the instructions VERY carefully. All fine and good quality once done! The cage seems to take account of hamsters' instincts quite well— their need to burrow, and to climb up. So that's a really good thing. I do feel they could have gone *a bit* larger, so that people can adapt the inside and add bigger toys and tunnels etc. to prevent the creature getting too bored. We ring the changes for it nevertheless, and got some small-pet/hamster sand and put it in an egg-box up top. it likes rolling in this to clean its fur, and we continually buy other bits and pieces for it (e.g.varieties of dried grass, herbs, paper bits bedding etc, so that it can tunnel and create beds etc.. In the wild they make different rooms underground, apparently ... (This is why it could do with a little more space, I feel.) Otherwise, this is an almost perfect cage, and components such as the wheel, are silent and much used. (hamsters can cover around 5 miles a night in the wild) It's easy enough to clean, as is shown on the website.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021 This reviewer has 1 Campbells' (syrian d pets

Great and practical cage ???????? -

Just received this cage as a gift and it is excellent and great to clean out! Spacious and cozy for my dwarf hamster but it could fit a Syrian hamster too. A bit of hard assembly but overall it’s a great cage!

Good quality cage -

The cage is well made, spacious and easy to clean. The included water bottle seem to be leaking a bit so every time after washing the top part, the seal inside has to be adjusted again.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Perfect! ...almost -

PROS: very easy for our 12 year to clean! plenty of room for 2 gerbils to have a safe, happy life. blends in and looks nice w/ our decor. comes w/ little water bottle, wheel & dish. drawer is great for a lot (maybe not all) of their supplies. CONS: little pins to hold top floor are not long enough, so floor kept falling- had to zip tie the floor to hold up. also had to zip tie the wheel because the knob can turn, when they're running fast. the tube was extremely hard for our little boys to figure out. sad to watch them for 5 days not using it, had to "train" them with a different tube and helping them down manually. wish it came on wheels, we would love to have the option to move it around. great cage, but could be just even a little better, we feel, at this price point.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Love it -

Bought this cafe about 1 month ago , it’s been really good for our two gerbils, one used the tube within hours the other gerbil wouldn’t go down the tube and it’s took about 1 month for her to go down the tube !! However the cage seems ideal for the gerbils they love it

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Great purchase -

We bought this cage for our first hamster and have not been disappointed. The pull out drawer is a great idea and allow us to interact with the hamster safely. We did have a panicked first few days when our hamster hadn’t mastered the tube and had to feed to water on the bottom level. It only took a couple of days for it to master the Tube though. One small downside for us is how open the top layer is. Our hamster likes to fling poos which either collect on the door behind the unit or lay on to of the plastic box ready to fall on the floor when you pull the box out. No big issue but be prepared for tidying up a little mess. You also need to watch what you have in the bottom section. We have a hamster toilet and coconut bed. Our hamster does climb in top of these and tries to escape. We’d love to see extensions for the cage or maybe a hamster playpen. Great cage. We have no regrets and would thoroughly re recommend.

Good, solid cage -

It takes a good couple of hours to assemble but the hamster loves it.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2020

Happy hamster in their cage -

This cage looks nice and has handy storage underneath and you can use on top to store as well. The tunnel is easy for the hamster to climb up and we introduced it after day with no problems. A few things from experience; I would recommend purchasing a toilet for a hamster as ours had a wet corner which despite cleaning it twice a day it still managed to leak out if the joins of the base of the cage. The plastic draw is easy to clean but sometimes will require an extra deep clean. Depending on what you choose to put in the cage we have given the hamster a bed which now she is an adult managed to stand on and jump out of the plastic base whilst the bottom draw was open. She was being closely supervised at the times so no drama but is actively looking to escape maybe worth being mindful of the accessories you put in. The water bottle that came with the cage didn’t last as the rubber seal repeatedly fell out causing to leak so we got an alternative. But overall we are happy with the purchase just wanted to pass on our experiences as if we had known we may have chosen different accessories and a toilet from the start. Omelet are very efficient with their deliveries from our experience and their customer services are very helpful too.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Great, neat gerbil cage. - County Durham ,

This is a great cage that looks good and is straightforward to put together. Our gerbils love burrowing and making tunnels in the bottom area. It did, however, take them a week or so to figure out how to climb up the interconnecting tube. So maybe some sort of bendable tube could be an extra to make that learning process a bit easier. Now they’ve worked it out they do love going up and down it. I also feel the size is just about right. But if Omlet were to release some sort of add on expansion areas in keeping with the exiting design then I wouldn’t hesitate in purchasing them. All in all, it’s a quality cage that I highly recommend.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Better than most but could use improvements -

This is working out well for my 8 year old’s juvenile Syrian hamster. He has a lot more space than he did before coming to us. He quickly learned how to go up and down the tube. The bottom portion has enough room for bedding that he can tunnel and nest down there. Fortunately, he seems to prefer keeping most of the bedding down there. He spread some across the plastic floor of the top portion to make it more comfortable, but so far has kept most of it below, and done his business down there as well. Should a hamster decide to bring more bedding up, or do his business in the top part of the cage, clean up could become messy. As it stands with out particular hammy, my 8 year old can easily do bedding changes by pulling out the drawer while Midnight is in the top portion and replacing it. We did replace the water bottle before bringing Midnight home. The one that came with the cage leaked. This was cheap and easy to do though. The food bowl that came with the cage has worked well so far, however it has not stayed where put. I do not view this as a negative. Midnight actually moves it around to where he wants it. We also added some toys/furniture paper towel rolls to make his home more hospitable. With those additions along with the replaced water bottle it works well for a juvenile Syrian. The spacing on the bars is too large for dwarfs as the manufacturer states. I would like to see a similar cage with spacing for dwarfs. As for the recommendations for Syrians, I would like to see the overall cage size larger. I would also like the tube to go at an angle. While younger Syrians have no issue with this, an elderly one can. The included wheel is relatively quiet and a good size for my juvenile Syrian, but will not be big enough for him at full size. I can replace it relatively easily and cheaply, but it will make the top portion of the cage somewhat cramped. This cage does far exceed most readily available, and is easy to clean so long as your rodent chooses to use the lower portion as a bathroom. However, I would like to see one this size with smaller bar spacing for dwarfs. I would like to see this cage enlarged by 1.5 to 2 times for one Syrian and including an angled tube instead of straight up and down for elderly hamsters. If they can’t move between levels it becomes useless. The increase in size would make it more difficult for a child to clean out, but 8 and up could do it, and it would allow for a bigger wheel and the space a Syrian really needs. Gerbils, while smaller, need even more space. As opposed to Syrian hamsters, they like to be kept in pairs. This means they need more space. I had a 20 gallon fish tank with a two tiered topper for my last pair of gerbils. That provided ample burrowing space along with ample climbing and exploring space. It was difficult to clean though. So for gerbils, I’d like to see this cage doubled or tripled in size. For Syrians, I’d like to see a 1.5 to 2 times increase as they are housed alone. I would like that increase to come in slight height and modest width. I would also like the tube to be angled. Then I would like the same cage to be modified with smaller bar spacing and tubes for dwarfs. This cage is the perfect size for a luxury dwarf cage. I would also like to see some sort of walling on the top portion. My hammy doesn’t use the top portion as a bathroom, but many would. Gerbils would be even more likely to do so. As the cage stands, any excrement on this level would fly right out. And this makes sense from a design standpoint as the cage needed air flow. I have no idea how to execute it, but would like the air flow to be maintained while providing some walking on the bottom of the top level for animals that choose to use the top portion as a bathroom. So,overall much better than the typical small mammal cage without modifications. However, I would like to see the above built into cages so that they are actually ideal for the particular pet brought home. To the manufacturer: I will pay considerable money if you can design a Syrian hamster cage similar to the one I bough, but with about double the space and including a larger silent wheel, and a bit of walking up top should he ever decide to make that portion a bathroom.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2020

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