Type: Chicken Keeping

Date: Wed 18 Apr 2012

Time: April 18, 2012 11:00 - 14:00 pm

Location: Hare Hatch Reading

Rating:   44 reviews


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About the course

Wheelchair Access: Yes

Dog Friendly: No

Child Friendly: No

About Me

Hi I'm Jan I use to be cautious of feathery things and more than scared of flapping wings. With a bit of patience and understanding I learnt how to overcome this fear and I am now relaxed and confident in handling my hens. I have many people on my courses who feel the same way which is why a large part of my course is very hands on with lots of handling. As a hobby they give me so much pleasure. They are such rewarding little creatures and if cared for properly will give you years of pleasure. I never lose the joy of collecting the freshly laid eggs every morning. I love baking and this is why I bought a few chickens. What I wasn’t expecting was how much personality chickens have and how funny they can be, you can spend hours just watching their antics! I now have twenty chickens of various breeds and I hatch and rear Friesian fowl. Chickens really do have a universal attraction from tiny toddlers, who love collecting their eggs to retired couples who are embarking on a new hobby. Families find that keeping chickens gives them a shared interest; the children can learn to care for their own pets and gain responsibility. The hens have become a great attraction to our family and friends especially those with young children! The days of taking wine to dinner parties has gone, I now take eggs!! I live in semi-rural Berkshire. I run the courses in my large garden and I have a variety of set ups for you to look at. I have three Eglu cubes and an Eglu classic. My hen houses are under cover in walk –in runs so we have protection from the rain, although if cold you do need to be well wrapped up as we will be outside most of the time. My courses are comprehensive and are suitable for people just starting out with chickens but also are suitable for people who have been keeping chickens for some time. I am an advocate of ‘prevention is better than cure’ therefore chicken health management is an important part of the course. I have a nursing background so I have developed a real interest in this area of chicken keeping. I now have years of hands on experience looking after my hens and I have in the past year attended two Defra poultry keeping courses which were run by a poultry qualified vet. In May 2013 I won *The Pig and Poultry Training Initiative of the Year award* So why not take your first step towards the enjoyable world of chicken keeping. You can rest assured that I will give you a really good start. I will take you through the stages of setting up your first chicken house through to basic day to day care of your chickens. Along with the more advanced health care needs that your hens may need along the way. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and experience with you. Which breed of hen to choose for your particular situation. What to look for when buying your hens. Introduction to my hens. Daily/weekly routine, cleaning the eglu.
  • Where to site the eglu in your garden.
  • Housing, we will take a closer look at my eglu range and discuss what would work for you.
  • What you need to have in before you bring your hens home.
  • What to expect when you get your hens home.
  • What to feed your hen.
  • Healthy hens are happy hens, common health problems and how to avoid them.
  • How to manage mites and worms the importance of dust baths.
  • How to pick up and handle a hen and health check her.
  • Wing clipping I will show you how this should be done and talk about whether you need to do it.
  • The importance of winter /summer protection.
  • How hens interact with each other, “the pecking order,” broodiness and moulting.
  • Understanding chicken behaviour.
  • All about eggs, when to expect your hen to lay her first egg and understanding a little about the process.
  • Keeping your chickens safe- other family pets and predators.
  • How you can make the chickens work for your life style and circumstances, whether your garden is big or small.
  • There will be lots of opportunity for you to ask as many questions as you like.
  • Children over 12yrs welcome.
  • My garden is accessible for wheelchairs
  • Please wear outdoor shoes and bring a waterproof and be prepared to get a few dirty foot prints on your nice clean tee-shirt!
  • I will have a selection of poultry books and monthly magazines which I have found particularly helpful for you to have a little look at while we have a cuppa.




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    Eggscellentl - Jill,

    Great Course - Carroll,

    Janet Hargreaves is a very passionate and enthusiastic trainer and keeper of chickens. We certainly felt much more informed about all the things you need to consider when taking on chickens especially with practical details and hands on about maintaining the health of chickens and cleanliness of housing. The course has completely changed our previous ideas for the better and increased our confidence in our own ability to take on responsibility ourselves. Highly recommended and the tea & cake also worthy of 5 stars.

    Superb day out! - Mark,

    Being a total novice to chicken cheeping, Janet provided a fountain of knowledge having been shown round her chicken coups. She provided excellent advise on the do's and don'ts on good chicken husbandry. A really good course for someone wanting to start in the hobby. Once again a big thanks for the inspiration.

    Excellent & Informative - ,

    How quickly the 3 1/3 hours flew by. Learnt so much & was worried i'd forget it, but Janet was prepared with handouts & took time to add extra information to the booklets before we left. If you are thinking of keeping chickens I'd definitely recommend attending one of her courses first, if not for the information on chickens for her wonderful cake!!! Thank you Janet

    Excellent - Imelda, Kent,

    Janet was very knowlegeable, obviously passionate about her hobby and very encouraging to both would be and current chicken keepers. She covered alot of ground during the 5 hours with an emphasis on keeping birds healthy, how to prevent problems and what to look out for. Her girls were very tolerant with strange visitors handling them. Delicious cakes during the lunchbreak made it a near perfect day.

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