Type: Beekeeping

Date: Sat 23 Apr 2011

Time: April 23, 2011 13:30 - 16:00 pm

Location: Winterslow, Salisbury

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About the course

Wheelchair Access: No

Dog Friendly: No

Child Friendly: Yes

This is a two and a half hour course introducing the prospective beekeeper to the hobby. All beesuits/veils will be supplied but please bring wellington boots and Marigold type gloves,wear thick trousers preferably not jeans. The course will outline the castes of the Honeybee The various hive types including the new Beehaus will be explained their pros and cons to be discussed. A Dartington Long Hive (Beehaus Predecessor) is on site as well as a Beehaus both with colonies of bees in. We also have traditional hives on site also with bees in them. Getting safely kitted up to inspect bees, beesuits their pros and cons will be discussed Smokers,their use, lighting and fuels will be demonstrated. Hive tool types will be on display and their pros and cons discussed. Apiary hygiene will be explained and its importance for colony health. Feeder types will also be demonstrated, relative advantages/disadvantages. WEATHER PERMITTING: We will be opening and inspecting colonies of bees in various hives to carry out an inspection, the queen, workers, honey,pollen and brood in all stages will be identified. Any questions will be answered as we go and after the colonies have been closed up. Further information sources will be given along with sources for Nuclei to get you started. (websites, forums and recommended reference books) Please note colonies will only be opened if warm and dry, at least one hive will have a glass coverboard so that bees can bee seen if it is too cold for full inspection.

I am also taking orders for Nucleus colonies to start new beekeepers, book to avoid missing out, for more details please e mail me.

About Me

I have been keeping bees for more than ten years, I started with just two colonies in the garden, by the end of year one I had three colonies and had collected my first swarm. I now have around twenty colonies of bees spread around the locality. I have taken and passed the basic and two of the BBKA modules exams. I have been running a Dartington Long Hive (BeeHaus predecessor) alongside my other hives for a number of years. Bees can become addictive as many beekeepers will tell you. I have been involved with our local queen rearing group and have been actively raising my own queens for myself and others. I enjoy spending time working bees and the learning never stops. This opportunity has given me the chance to share the knowledge I have learned over the years and pass it on to new beekeepers.

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Introduction to Beekeeping - Steve,

Hi Kevin Thank you for the afternoon and your hospitality you showed my team and I on Sat everyone enjoyed it. We have been looking to start keeping Bees for sometime and you made the course enjoyable with all the information that you gave us. No question was to silly and showing us your hives was a great experience for anyone to enjoy we are looking to start our Bee keeping very soon. Thanks again for a great day. Steve and the team at Serco

excellent - Veronica,

Very helpful course. I have been considering beekeeping for a number of years but think it is a huge responsibility if you don't have the knowledge. Kevin is welcoming and has a huge amount of information that he gets over in an easy going manner. I was apprehensive about how I would be with the bees themselves but when you visit the hives it seems like the most natural thing to do. I highly recommend this course. I now think I might get my own hive.

b/k course 12/09/10 - Keith,

Hi, Mr Kevin Horners course was excellent in all respects, and he has that natural ability to pass on his wide experience and knowledge of the subject. Many years ago I attended a 2 term evening class, the Tutor was from the Sparsholt Agr. College, but without the benefit of active bees. The highlight therefore was the time spent opening up and inspecting the bees in different types of hives. I sent an E- mail to Kevin, to say that I now have the confidence to get started, after a long delay. Hive building starts soon. Keith Ellis.

Excellent - Alison,

Very welcoming. I felt safe and secure in his knowledge about bees, which he was able to convey in easy to understand terms.

Recommended introduction - Tim,

Kevin was very knowledgeable and certainly enjoys his hobby. Lots of chances to get hands on, plenty of opportunity for questions.

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