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Hello my name is Marie and I've been keeping my own chickens for over 7 years. I was raised on a farm and now I have my own girls and would like to share my experiences with others starting to keep hens of their own. I keep a mixture of large fowl, purebreeds, hybrids and bantams and I also hatch chicks both with my broody hens and with an incubator, and from time to time have birds for sale. I currently have a handsome rooster called Le Bron and my bootilicious beauties Beyonce and Rhianna to name a few. You could say my hen keeping is an addiction, and these little creatures bring so much pleasure and fun to our family and are quite the little characters, as well as delicious fresh eggs every morning. All are pets and part of our family. I run friendly, informative, hands on courses for beginners, advanced, families (including under 5's) and 1-2-1 as well as offering email support following the course. Perhaps you are looking for a birthday treat for an animal loving child or a memorable family experience. I am very flexible and family friendly so please contact me with your requirements. Half term, school holidays & other dates available on request. Kids under 10 years £10, under 5's, free, Family and 1-2-1 rates on request. I look forward to meeting you.


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Great course - Gill, Essex,

We're getting chickens at the end of the month and I felt it would be a very sensible idea to take the family on a chicken keeping course in advance of our girls' arrival. I'm so pleased we did this as we had a fabulous time at Marie's and learned loads. Marie made us feel very welcome sitting in her beautiful garden, drinking tea and lovely orange juice and eating an amazing home made cake as we listened. Marie is so knowledgeable. Her passion for these beautiful creatures shines through and the course was delivered with friendliness and warmth. There was a good balance of learning by listening and by doing. Marie talks about all the things you would need to consider before getting chickens (breeds, housing, feeding, husbandry etc). Then it was time to meet her gorgeous girls and look, practically, at the aspects that had just been talked about. Being able to hold a chicken, and learn the correct way, was invaluable. Thank you Cilla for being so accommodating in being passed between us 4 novices! Getting 4 chickens I thought we could each name one. Our sons were excited about this but my husband had previously said he wasn't bothered and that I should name 2 of them. Today he announced he has changed his mind and will be naming a chicken after all! Marie has definitely piqued his curiousity and inspired more interest from him, which is fab. The course was brilliant and has given me a lot more confidence with which to welcome our new pets at the end of the month. Thanks so much Marie.

Great experience - Berenice,

Attended the course with a friend - I purchased two course places as a 'quirky' birthday gift. Our intention is to keep ex-batts in future and this Beginners Course was the perfect tool to help us understand precisely what may be involved. I would say this course is fun and information filled and Marie is a superb host with everything chicken themed, from napkins to fresh cakes made with her girls' eggs. We had the chance to interact with other keen chicken keepers some of whom already had chickens which was useful to hear their input too. I think Marie caps the course at a good number of people so you have the chance to meet and interact with others and still get lots of personal attention from Marie. I would highly recommend this to anyone even just a little bit interested in chickens as it s so very enjoyable - you even get to take away really useful information sheets that Marie has produced herself. Fab fun experience!!!!

Egg-stremely Good Course - Clare,

I booked this course as I'd been toying with the idea of keeping hens for a while. Having read around the subject, I was nervous and confused by the terminology and array of products. However I booked this course with Marie and from the get-go, everything made sense. Marie's advice was clear and concise and enabled me to ask all the questions I'd been saving up over the years. Getting to meet the girls and being shown how to handle a chicken was incredible. The atmosphere was fun and relaxed and Marie put everyone at ease with delicious cake and coffee in her lovely garden. I came away with the confidence and knowledge I needed to go home and start browsing for my coop and hens! Thank you for a lovely afternoon and for fully equipping me for a future with my own flock!

A great course, very eggsciting! - Penny,

I treated my husband and Me to the course as we are hoping to start keeping chickens in the near future. He didn't know what we were going to be doing during this 'experience' until we arrived on Marie's doorstep. There was just a small group of six of us and I must say I think we learnt most of the facts that we need to begin keeping our own flock of chickens. Over a cuppa and a slab of home-made cake we were made to feel really confident in our understanding of chicken husbandry by the time we left. We even had a cuddle with one of her young feathers 'ladies'. Thank you Marie, a really informative course.

Brilliant introductory course - Karen,

I've always wanted to keep chickens so as a birthday treat, was given the'hen party' looking after chicken course. Marie who rang the course is so lovely, welcoming & friendly. She has loads of useful information, tips & experience to share, her enthusiasm is infectious, totally recommend this course. Thank you Marie

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