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- Amanda,

Annette covers everything that a beginner chicken keeper should know. She has a large variety of poultry, all beautifully kept on her small holding. She showed us different types of housing, fencing, bedding, feed and general care, wing/ nail clipping. She advised us on prevention of mites/ illness and how to detour foxes and vermin. Annette talks with knowledge, humour and realism from years of chicken keeping. She was able to answer our questions and make sense of our uncertainties and put right many chicken myths. My problem was not being able to catch and pick up a chicken! I went home that afternoon and successfully picked up, clipped the wings on some and trimmed all the nails of my chickens! This course has given me confidence with handling my birds and a greater knowledge of how to look after my little flock. I cannot recommend this course enough.

Wonderful course with a great host! - Maureen, Berkshire,

We really enjoyed this well run course with a hands on approach. Very informative, giving us a really good overview and answered all of our questions. Great for beginners. It's amazing how quickly the time went!

Brilliant! - Karen,

My partner and I went along to one of Annette's Saturday morning courses and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - Annette is very knowledgeable and obviously passionate about her chickens! We started sitting around the kitchen table with coffee and biscuits, being given lots of information and asking lots of questions, then went out to the fields to look at, catch and hold a variety of chickens and get and very good idea as to when a bird is healthy and when it is not. Annette was very generous with her time and knowledge and we came away feeling much more confident about starting chicken keeping. A few weeks later, having bought a coop and made a secure enclosure at home, we returned to Annette's farm and bought 5 chickens from her, two ex-battery hens and 3 other youngsters. Annette has been brilliant answering a whole load of questions that have come up in our first couple of weeks of chicken ownership - and yesterday we were very excited to have our first egg laid by Ruby, one of the ex-batts. All in all very highly recommended.

Very helpful - Samantha,

I went along to the course with my daughter and we both had a really nice time and are now looking forward to getting our own chickens. Annette is really down to earth and makes you feel very welcome as do her dogs. We had lots of opportunity's to handle the chickens and are encouraged to ask lots of questions. I would recommend her course to anyone who is thinking of getting chickens.

Fantastic and fun - Liz,

I attended Annette's course with my husband, daughter and her partner as we live in the same house and share animal care. There were 4 other people as well. We were very warmly welcomed and we all thoroughly enjoyed our introduction. We were able to handle lots of different hens and cockerels and were shown and had a go at trimming the flight feathers and watched nail clipping. We saw a poorly cockerel and broody hens. We saw chicks just hatching from their shells, we held 2 day old chicks and saw other chicks at various ages. The course was informative, well planned, and set us up to have our own hens. We can contact Annette in the future if we have any questions. Finally we had THE most wonderful lunch when we got home thanks to 6 eggs each from Annette's hens and ducks - we had never tried ducks eggs before but they are delicious. I can't really praise Annette enough - but will defo do the advanced course in time.

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