Type: Chicken Keeping

Date: Thu 23 Aug 2018

Time: August 23, 2018 11:00 - 13:30 pm

Location: Dorney, Berks

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About the course

Wheelchair Access: No

Dog Friendly: No

Child Friendly: Yes

I have a small, mixed flock of chickens (large fowl, bantams, pure breed, hybrids and ex commercial), white ducks and quail. When I started, I deliberately picked breeds based on colour of their feathers and colour of their eggs - that way I would know who was who and who was laying...... From there, I rescued a few girls, I was given a couple of others and then, being totally hooked, I wanted some other breeds so I could learn about their personalities and needs. I now have a fairly wide spectrum to show you and talk about.

I have learned so much over the years and look forward to helping others learn from my experiences. Keeping chickens is fun and totally addictive. My course can help you decide what to get, where to put them, what type of run and house and how to keep your chickens healthy, happy and safe.

The course I run will cover:

- Understanding why you want chickens and how they will fit into your life style

- Which breeds work for you, your family and your garden

- Where to put your chickens once you get them home and how to keep them safe from predators

- Advice on what to look for when buying your chickens (and when to walk away!)

- Options on different houses and runs (and show you a few choices)

- Talk about the different bedding and run floor options

- Show you different feeders and drinkers (and talk about the pro's and con's)

- What to feed and what NOT to feed your chickens

- How to keep your girls happy and healthy at all stages of their life

- Common health problems and what to watch out for

- If you get more chickens, how to integrate them safely and happily

- A few tips I've learned on keeping the chicken house, run and environment they live in shipshape

- First aid kits and what to have in store

The course is held at my house and in my garden, so please wear appropriate indoor/outdoor clothes/footware and a top you don't mind getting dirty (preferably with long sleeves). Please park on the drive when you arrive. We will start the course indoors over a cup of coffee/tea/soft drink but then venture out to meet the girls, handle them and talk about housing, your garden, look at the different houses and runs and various foods and products. I have several wooden houses as well as an Omlet Cube, Omlet Go Up with walk in run and an Omlet Eglu Classic.

I provide course notes and share my thoughts on the shopping list and essential items (including an indication of costs). There are plenty of opportunities to ask lots of questions.

Please note children over 10 years old are welcome on the course but they must be well behaved and pay for a place. Unfortunately, there are three steps down into my garden so tricky for wheelchair users.

*The hostess of this course accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury whilst on the premises. By booking on this course you are agreeing to these terms.

About Me

Hello. My name is Louise and I started my chicken addiction after looking after a friend's chickens whilst they went on holiday and there it all began. I was very fortunate as, once I decided I wanted to keep chickens, I went on a course run by a lady who not only knew what she was talking about and had plenty of experience and passion but was willing to share her knowledge. I would now like to continue the legacy by helping other people start their journey into keeping chickens. I have a mixed flock of large fowl, bantams, pure breeds, hybrids and ex commercial girls. I also have white ducks and quail.

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Brilliant Course - Charles,

Louise was most welcoming and very knowledgeable. She tailored the course to our needs perfectly and advised us on the issues that we needed to be aware of. The course was unhurried and very hands on, how to catch and hold your chickens and check them over..We took away with us a helpful fact sheet with details of all the things you need and an action plan for daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. We now feel more confident about how to deal with our 6 bantams! Thanks so much.

Excellent course would recommend - Lisa,

Louise is so knowledgable about chickens it is very impressive. Having the opportunity to see and handle different breads was fantastic and her advice was very honest and interesting. A great fun course with someone who has a true passion for chicken keeping. I am sure I will be reaching out to her for further future advice, thanks Louise.

Amazing course! Well worth going!! - Anita, Middlesex,

What a great course! Louise is a great host and certainly knows what she is talking about. We had a very enjoyable couple of hours with Louise and her chickens! Invaluable advice was provided about different chickens, coops, runs, nutrition, daily and weekly routines, what to buy and what not to buy. The course was very hands on which was great. We would 100% recommend this course - an absolute must for any potential chicken keepers

Eggcellent - Oli,

Really really useful Louise, thank you. True professional, Louise asked what we were looking to get out of our time with her before walking us through everything step by step - holding chickens, feeding, cleaning, housing - everything we needed to know to be confident. Learned far more practical info in a few hours than thought we would and much more than in a book!!!

Great time with Louise and "Girls" - Junior,

Just to say, a biggest thank you to Louise for your time. Lean a lot, and I had fun. Met the Chichen was great. Thanks.

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