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Breeding A Show Chicken

The main difference between showing a chicken and showing a dog or cat is that you will have bred the chickens you are showing rather than buying them from another breeder. This is largely part of the fun of showing chickens. You get to raise your stock from little chirpy chicks to beautifully preened and shiny chickens ready to stand in front of the judge.

Lauren Barton's beautiful blue Poland hen looks incredible
Lauren Barton's beautiful blue Poland hen looks incredible

In order to breed your own showing stock you will need to buy parent stock that best conforms to the breed standard. You should get your parent stock from a reputable breeder who also breeds chickens for showing. They will be able to help pick out birds that will be best for breeding.

Read our section on breeding chickens here.

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Siamese Silkies
9 day old chick
Time to relax after the show


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