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Liz, 28 May 2020

one of our orpington's bottom is bald - it doesn't hurt her and she's the only one out of 6 and a rooster who all share a house with it, so I don't think it's mites or lice. any ideas? she is laying fine and seems very happy. thanks

Clare, 15 May 2020

The best bedding in nest box; on the poop tray (beneath roosting bars) and on the outdoor run floor itself is "Easichick"

Patricia, 1 May 2020

Any tips on attaching walk-in run to Eglucube run?

, 23 April 2020

What do you use as bedding in the Eglu? Ie to line underneath the coup (not the nesting part) Newspaper ? Or sawdust? Or something else?

Grannypomps, 17 April 2020

Getting organised for chicken arrivals but is it allowed to drive to collect pullets during lockdown?

Sarah, 13 April 2020

How can you attach an eglu house to a walk in run? I have the run but I don't see how or where it would atttach if I buy the coop.

Cindy, 4 April 2020

What do you do to keep warm in winter. Doesn’t look like this would allow for a heater.

Melissa, 22 March 2020

Can I get width dimensions for the chicken coop?

123Shirkey, 28 November 2019

The people here at the house trailer has 5cats 2roostets and 9 dogs living in the r e home the phone number for these people 304-897-8196her name is Debbie grogg and Xena grogg

Karen, 28 October 2019

Looking to purchase silkies for pet for delivery

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